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Why Working from Home is Not for Everyone

By Deanna Bonaparte

Anyone whose primary work tools are a computer and telephone can work from home. There are numerous benefits to gain from a telework arrangement – the most obvious ones being the ability to operate on flexible work hours and more time with friends and family. There is also no need to deal with workplace malaises stemmed from pretentious water cooler conversations, emotionally-draining involvement in office politics and negative judgment incurred from wearing the same blouse for two days in a row. (Read More Here!)

Mid-Career Professionals: Time to Upgrade?

As an experienced working professional in Singapore, one of the reasons you may not be able to grow your careers in the desired direction is because of ‘qualification inflation’, whereby a large proportion of degree graduates enter the workforce every year.

To distinguish yourself from your working peers, you may need to go beyond a Bachelor’s degree. And with the Postgraduate Executive Fair 2015 coming up next month, there’s never been a better time to upgrade yourself with a wide variety of further education courses. (Read More Here!)

Why Your Company Should Host a Blood-Donation Drive

By Deanna Bonaparte

Healthcare services have been challenged to combat the shortage of blood donations for many years. To raise awareness of blood donation, the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) has adopted methods such as driving blood donation trucks around the city, hosting pop-up donation stations at office buildings and sharing emergency notices via social media. In fact, it has even come up with a novel way to continue its blood donation campaign through a mobile app. (Read More Here!)

Q&A: How Can I Make the Best Use of my Unemployment Period?

Question: I have just been laid-off from my previous job and am currently unemployed. I do not expect to be able to find a job right away. What can I do to ensure that I make the best use of my unemployment period and stand myself in good stead with my future employers? (Read More Here!)

Why You Don’t Always Have to Hire the Best

By Deanna Bonaparte

At a job interview, an employer is prompted by instinct to select the best candidate out of an entire room of eager jobseekers. And ‘best’, as we know it, is epitomised by an unbroken string of ‘A’s reflected on one’s academic certificate and the pedigree of a top-notch institution. (Read More Here!)