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Nap Rooms: Essential in the Workplace?

By Chai Fook Tien

There are some days where you wish you could just close your eyes, stop working, and start dozing. As farfetched as it seems, you may actually be allowed to do this at your work place in the future. (Read More Here!)

When Interns Become Full-Time Employees

By Deanna Bonaparte

Participating in an internship programme is the best way to ascertain if a job is truly your cup of tea, or if the hosting organisation nurtures a work environment in which you can see yourself in the long run.

After all, you never really know what a job comprises and how well an organisation looks after its staff unless you have had first-hand experience on the ground. Internships allow you to observe an organisation’s vast operations as well as determine if a company’s values align with your own. They are as close to a job experience as it gets! (Read More Here!)

How to Handle Department Meetings

By Priya Sunil

In the workplace, department meetings are unavoidable. And when it comes to these meetings, a sense of self-doubt can be tough to shake off, especially if the concepts and issues being discussed are flying over your head. (Read More Here!)

Sectors in Focus (Oil & Gas)

By Deanna Bonaparte

Despite having a lack of domestic oil and natural gas reserves, Singapore is one of the leading petrochemical hubs in the world. Investors place full confidence in and are attracted to Singapore’s bustling oil and gas hub because of the country’s political and economic stability.

Furthermore, government agencies like the Economic Development Board (EDB) and JTC Corporation (JTC) work to ensure that infrastructure, technology and support services are in place to support new and existing petrochemical companies. (Read More Here!)

SkillsFuture - How can Employees Benefit?

(Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Manpower website)

By Deanna Bonaparte

The recently-announced Budget 2015 elicited both good and bad responses from the public – it is, after all, simply impossible to please the entire population. But given that our work landscape is becoming increasingly complicated and competitive, the SkillsFuture initiative introduced by the Government is something both active and passive jobseekers can fully rejoice over and leverage on in order to stay relevant in today’s complex economy. (Read More Here!)