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The Roadmap to Switching Careers

By Chai Fook Tien

Switching careers isn’t easy, but it can be done for sure. Follow these steps to build a successful roadmap to your dream job! (Read More Here!)

2015 CareerBuilder Singapore Employers of Choice Survey Press Release


Media Release from CareerBuilder Singapore

Want to know what constitutes an Employer of Choice in Singapore? Find out about what other local jobseekers think in our recent 2015 Employers of Choice report right now. (Read More Here!)

Just Say No: When to Turn Down a Job Opportunity

By Chai Fook Tien

So you’ve been frantically looking for a job for quite some time – applying for any position that fits your criteria and interviewing with anyone who’s interested. When a job offer finally comes in though, learning to say “no” may actually be the best thing to do. (Read More Here!)

How to Customise Your Cover Letter to Different Organisations

By Loy Xingqi from ResumeWriter and Adrian Tan from CareerLadder

If you thought your CV is the first hurdle to getting your foot in the door, think again. Even if you have an excellent CV, your chances can be ruined with a shabbily written cover letter. Read on to find out how you can write a meaningful yet short cover letter. (Read More Here!)

What If You Don't Want to Be the Boss?

By CareerBuilder US

Not everyone wants to become the boss. Find out how you can progress in your career without having to go into a managerial position. (Read More Here!)