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Workplace Counter-Culture – 4/20

By Deanna Bonaparte

‘4/20’ – You may remember staccato flashes of this term in vaguely-recalled places, or have even heard about it in songs and movies.

Or perhaps you know zilch about it.

How is 4/20 significant, you may ask? In fact, 4/20 (pronounced as “four-twenty”) has been an unorthodox symbol for nearly 30 years. What started out as an underground term managed to crawl its way into the mainstream, becoming – for better or for worse – a commercialised statement. (Read More Here!)

Gossip in the Workplace—Turn It to Your Benefit

By Koh Wanzi

We’ve all been there—huddling round the metaphorical water cooler and chattering excitedly on the latest dirt on a certain colleague. Engaging in idle chat and dishing out the latest salacious titbits at the workplace can be quite a delight, no? (Read More Here!)

Q&A: Mid-Career Switch - Financial Consultants

Question: I’m feeling very unfulfilled in my current job. Can I make a mid-career switch to become a financial consultant?

Answer: Perhaps the lifestyle of a ‘banker’ in tailored suits and slick silk ties has caught your fancy – or you want a ‘click-clack’ rhythm as the elegant lady in pristine, four-inch stilettos. But to answer your question – of course you can! (Read More Here!)

Genres for the Job (Part III)

By Deanna Bonaparte

Sultry tunes like Jazz and Classical music are a staple in the iPods of many working individuals and well worth their salt. And as we have established in the past two weeks, they work especially well for software programmers and for those in the creative industry.

But not all jobs are tuned for such smooth grooves; there are jobs that’ll call for you to jive along to a different genre. (Read More Here!)