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How to Write an Effective Job Advertisement

By Koh Wanzi

In a world where the employed outnumber the employers, few people concern themselves with how to craft effective job advertisements that will attract the right calibre and type of employee. However, writing an effective job advertisement is as much a skill as writing an effective résumé. (Read More Here!)

A Second Chance for Ex-Convicts

By Koh Wanzi

18 Chefs cuts a fond figure among students and young working adults with its wide and affordable selection of dishes. However, this casual restaurant stands out for more than its delectable cuisine. Founded by Benny Se Teo, an ex-offender himself, 18 Chef prides itself on providing former offenders with jobs, effectively giving them a second chance at re-integrating themselves into society. (Read More Here!)

Q&A: How Can I Prepare to Interview Someone for a Job?

Question: I’m looking to hire someone to fill a recently vacated position. What steps should I take to prepare myself to accurately assess and respond to candidates, and how should I go about conducting the interview?

Answer: Most people think job interviewers have it easy as they casually sling questions at nervous candidates and watch them sweat it out in the hot seat. However, the most constructive interviews are two-way exchanges in which candidates are given a chance to assess the interviewer and company as much as the interviewer sizes them up for the job. (Read More Here!)

Innovating From the Bottom Up

By Deanna Bonaparte

As advocates for flexibility in the workplace grow increasingly vocal, it is evident that today’s workforce has begun to shun rigid bureaucracy in favour of a more democratic, flexible and progressive working environment.

In a time where the room to express yourself and be heard are much vaunted personal freedoms, the voice of the individual employee is louder than ever (although not necessarily heard). Companies should be able to tap on this fount of individual voices and ideas and create a cohesive body of engaged employees that contribute to the firm in new and novel ways. (Read More Here!)