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What You Need To Know Before Attending a Career Fair

The JobsCentral Career and Education Fair 2015 is coming up. Read this article to learn all the proper career fair etiquette in order to stand out from all the other jobseekers at the fair. (Read More Here!)

How to Address Gaps on a CV

By Matt Tarpey, CareerBuilder US

Job seekers put a lot of time and effort into what is included on their CVs, but often what causes them the most stress is what they leave off. If you’ve been unemployed or left the workforce for personal reasons, you may be a little anxious about how to explain that gap to potential employers. (Read More Here!)

How to Land a Job after Graduating

By Chai Fook Tien

You will find that even after graduating, your journey has only just begun. You’re now faced with the difficult task of finding a job. (Read More Here!)

Answering Tricky – but Common – Interview Questions

By CareerBuilder US

If you’ve been on a lot of job interviews, you may have noticed certain questions get asked almost every time. Yet even though they’re commonly asked, many jobseekers struggle with finding the right answers. (Read More Here!)

What You Must Know Before Negotiating Your First Salary

By Adrian Tan from CareerLadder

Salary negotiations are unnerving, especially when the difference of few hundred dollars might lead to the company choosing another candidate. So how do you find the right compromise between company budget restraints and your expectations? (Read More Here!)