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Q&A: Should I explore other job opportunities since it’s the start of a new year?

Question: Many people choose the start of a new year to turn in their resignation letters and take their chances elsewhere. Is this a good time to explore other job opportunities? (Read More Here!)

Part-Time Postgraduate Students: Balancing Work, Life and Studies

Many working professionals are wary of taking a year or two off from their careers in order to pursue postgraduate studies full-time, even if they stand to enjoy better career prospects after graduating. Others may dread the additional financial burden that a postgraduate course would place on them – especially if they stop drawing a regular salary as full-time students. As a part-time postgraduate student, you will enjoy the best of both worlds – you can look forward to better career opportunities after graduating and will not have to worry about picking up from where you left off.

However, if not managed carefully, your studies can also upset the careful balance that you have established between work and life. Before you visit the Postgraduate Executive Fair 2015, we offer you some tips on how to be a successful and well-adjusted postgraduate student. (Read More Here!)

Why You Shouldn’t Quit Without Notice

By Koh Wanzi

Some of you may be familiar with the mounting frustration that comes from staying in a job that you desperately wish to get out off. But before you give in to the temptation to turn in your resignation and quit on that very day, think carefully about the consequences.

When you quit without notice, you risk ruining your professional reputation and your standing with your employer. Not only is it irresponsible, you could one day come to regret your impulsive decision in professional networking circles. Employees come and go all the time, and your co-worker or boss today could very well be the hiring manager at a prospective company in the future. (Read More Here!)

JobsCentral Learning Survey 2014: More Mature Learners Are Pursuing A Diploma

Survey saw a 2.5 fold increase in those aged 60 and above taking up Diploma studies

(Singapore, 14 January 2015): As the great Michelangelo once said: “I am still learning”. Indeed, education is a lifelong process and according to the results from the 2014 JobsCentral Learning survey by Careerbuilder Singapore, the demand for further education has been seeing an exponential growth. This can be observed in respondents keen on diploma studies, with an increase from 18% in 2013 to 26% this year. (Read More Here!)

Choosing the Right Postgraduate Course

We’ve talked about how postgraduate degrees are a great option for both personal enrichment and professional upgrading. But while a higher degree offers innumerable learning and developmental opportunities for you to grow, you shouldn’t rush to enrol in the first course that you come across.

Not all postgraduate degrees are created equal, and what works for others may not necessarily work for you. Postgraduate degrees are often highly specialised affairs that confer knowledge in very specific domains. At the Postgraduate Executive Fair 2015 you’ll want to take time to evaluate your needs, weigh your decision and choose carefully. (Read More Here!)