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Q&A: My Colleague is a Lazy Layabout. How can I Resolve This?

Question: My colleague is a lazy layabout and this is affecting office morale. Is there a way to resolve this?

Answer: We’re all familiar with THAT one idler who seems to get away with the Facebook tab on perpetual, easy access and an eyebrow-raising number of trips to the washroom (surely, a bladder isn’t that weak). And while he or he (let’s call the anonymous colleague Tim) seems to over-indulge in the texting and even snore at his desk on occasion, it’s all you do to bite down on the bullet to fight your mind-numbing tasks in the face of such apathy. (Read More Here!)

Life Insurance - Is It Really Necessary for Singapore Workers?

By Deanna Bonaparte

Employees love to be taken care of – in fact, research suggests that workers’ benefits can be traced all the way back to the Golden Age of Piracy, where Caribbean pirates who fell injured in their dangerous trade would be compensated with shares of silver and gold pooled from their fellow uninjured buccaneers. (Read More Here!)

Career Lessons from the David Moyes Saga

By Deanna Bonaparte

Even if you aren’t a footie fan, you’ve surely heard about how the ‘David Moyes era’ has come to its long-awaited end, with his dismissal as Manager of Manchester United Football Club (MUFC) making headlines in the world of sports.

Compared to his predecessor, the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson, Moyes’ time in the hotseat was extremely short-lived. But one thorn of (another’s) experience is worth a wilderness of warning, and here are some workplace takeaways from Moyes’ ill-fated stint for workplace managers. (Read More Here!)

Calling Brooklyn Nine Nine

By Desiree Yang

Set in the (fictional) 99th Precinct of the New York City Police Department (based in the Brooklyn borough), US TV Series Brooklyn Nine Nine boasts a diverse cast of well-developed characters whose lives are bound to tickle that funny bone in you!

To be fair, Brooklyn Nine Nine had (and still has) high expectations to live up to when it made its debut in fall last year. In addition to its entertainment value, the Golden Globe Award-winning show also has a few key points that are surprisingly applicable in the workplace! (Read More Here!)