Dreamworks Advertising Pte Ltd - More than just a sales job

As a fresh graduate from university, Rena went to many fruitless interviews, as they required relevant job experience. A strong believer that everyone should be given a fair chance to work their way up the corporate ladder regardless of age, gender, qualification and working experiences, she eventually secured a Direct Sales position. But by doing so, she faced scrutiny and objection from her parents, who felt that a Sales job was not a good fit with her degree in business management and major in human resource.

However, what attracted Rena to the job was how she saw that many others were in the business for a much greater purpose. She first stepped in the business wanting to gain some experience, with no plans to move into management. But with the constant exposure to local and overseas operations, her perspective towards the business gradually shifted, introducing her to team building and management, on top of sales.

After just one and a half years in the business, Rena has been promoted to Project Manager. She manages the sales force, and is involved in numerous campaigns which help clients to increase their market share. She believes the reason for her achievements is the strength that she draws from her team. The bonds that she has established with the team that she is managing is precisely what is spurring them on to greater heights.

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This is a con job! Some sort of MLM structure where they get you to work on comm basis and recruit as many suckers as you can. I've been there and the drop out rate is astounding! Every week you see people come and go and the people who stay usually have no other choice coz they invested too much of their time in this scam.

Oh please. This is an Advertising company. Not an MLM. Please ensure that your comments stay relevant to the article. Thank you very much.

google and read up about the company and tell me if you still feel the same way Charlene Tan. lol. there's so many bad things said about this company. i really don't understand why how and why they (and other con jobs) still exist.

hmm okaye okaye. you are right. well at least ONE person, ms Rena made it in this 'wonderful' company.

There's a growing trend that MDs of companies are promoted from Sales Directors rather than compared to the past when Finance Directors taking over as CEO/MDs.

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