Eat, drink, and be merry (on a work day!)

By Juliet Soh

My favourite time of the work day is probably lunch, where I get to hang out with my colleagues and have light-hearted conversations that (most of the time) don't have much to do with work.

My "lunch clique" is an adventurous bunch. We previously made a resolution to discover new eating places around the International Business Park, where we are at, and managed to find three after a lot of walking and surveying security guards of different buildings. It was rewarding!

Recently, the JCube mall opened and we trekked there, had lunch at a restaurant that we've never had our lunch at before. The change (of environment and menu) actually perked me up a bit. Who would have guessed how minor changes and some extra walking could make work life more interesting?

That's why no matter how busy I may be at work, I'd always find time to treat myself to time off for lunch with my colleagues. Other reasons why you'd never find me with a packed lunch at my desk:

1. I would neither work nor eat

I find it hard to eat and work at the same time. Neither will be efficient. I can't type an email properly because one of my hands will be occupied; and if I let go off my cutlery and type my email, I'd end up eating cold lunch. I'd rather be focused on either.

2. It may get messy

What if I spill my food over? Or if crumbs are left behind? My work desk is after all where I spend most of my work day at, and I'll be stuck with it if I dirty it, or worse, if the food attract pests.

3. I may disrupt others

I may appreciate what I eat, but my colleagues may not. Food smell lingers on for a long time within the enclosed air-conditioned area, and the last thing I want is for my colleagues to know what I had for lunch everyday. (Or make me their lunchtime conversational topic because I annoy them so much).

I'd always rather head out to somewhere else for lunch - and I recommend this to you, too! Get some fresh air and have a bit of chatter with your colleagues, you'd feel happier, trust me!

Juliet heads the Content team in JobsCentral and there are 13 people in her lunch clique at the moment. If you know of any good lunch places around the Jurong East area, drop her an email at julietsoh[at] - she'd thank you!