How to Write the Perfect Resignation Letter

By Farhan Shah

Most people in their lives come to a point in their careers where they will want to resign from their current company. The reasons might be extremely varied, but the intentions are the same.

However, this occurrence happens so rarely in one’s career that when you do reach that point, you’re stumped as to what you should do next. One of the most essential, yet often overlooked, steps in the resignation process is the resignation letter.

An expertly-handled resignation means that you’ll leave the company on good terms and leaves the door open in the event that you do choose to return as an employee.

While you’re contemplating the best time to tell your boss that you’re resigning, here are 7 guidelines to keep in mind while you’re penning your resignation letter.

  1. Resignation letters should ideally only be a page in length.
  2. Submit a hardcopy of your resignation letter instead of emailing it. Besides being more professional, it gives you and your soon-to-be ex-company physical evidence in case of any possible disputes that might arise.
  3. Do not include any derogatory or negative comments in the resignation letter. Even if you’re dying to tell your boss what a self-righteous person he or she is, explicitly writing it in the resignation letter will not only make you look unprofessional, it might even land you into legal trouble.
  4. The resignation letter should include a brief explanation of why you are leaving the company. However, keep in mind the previous guideline, especially if the main reason why you’re quitting is because your boss is a self-righteous person that you cannot stand.
  5. It is good etiquette in the letter to thank your employer and boss for the opportunities that you’ve been given in the company.
  6. Do take note that most companies require you to serve notice ranging from a few weeks to even two months. This is important in the event that you already have a new job offer lined up. Communicate with your new employers the amount of notice you need to give and include the exact date of when you are resigning from your current company in your resignation letter. Remember to fulfil your mandatory notice period and ensure that it does not clash with the start date of your next job.
  7. If you would like a testimonial from your boss, it is best to ask from it in person rather than requesting for it in the resignation letter. However, keep in mind that your boss is not obligated to give you one, so don’t hound him or her.








First paragraph

The first paragraph is a formal announcement of your resignation from the position. Indicate your last day of work, bearing in mind the notice period required.

Second paragraph onwards

From the second paragraph, you can include your reason for leaving the company and offer an appreciative note for everything the company has done for you.

Final paragraph

In the final paragraph, offer your assistance and ask how you can help during the transition period.


Isaac Lim

64B Labu Road Singapore 1234564

Man Ah Jer

Managing Editor, The Magazine Company

Fusionosite, #08-08 Singapore 987621

Dear Man Ah Jer,

Please accept this letter as notification that I am resigning as Editor of The Magazine Company, effective 4th April 2011. My last day of service with the company shall be on 29th April 2011.

I am resigning to pursue other career options in a different industry, and am thankful for all the opportunities that have been given to me over the past three years in The Magazine Company. My role as Editor has helped me to mature professional and personally, and I would like to express my gratitude for all your guidance.

If I may assist during the hiring process and the transition period, I am more than happy to do so while serving my notice and for a period of three weeks after that. Thank you and I wish The Magazine Company continued success.


Isaac Lim

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