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Q&A: Should I Ask My Friend To Join My Workplace?

Question: There is a job opening at my workplace and I am thinking of asking my unemployed friend to join me here. Is this a feasible idea?

Answer: It can certainly be refreshing to have your friend join you at your workplace, especially if you know what he or she is capable of. Your friend can not only be a new-found figure of comfort from the daily drudgeries of work life, but also provide you with a safe refuge from the nuisance of (other) annoying co-workers.

But note that although this may seem like an extremely attractive proposition, the pendulum could well swing the other way – especially if your friend will be joining your department/team and he or she has a work-style that is as different from you as chalk and cheese. (Read More Here!)

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Q&A: How Do I Manage My Higher-Ups Effectively?

Question: I feel that being able to manage my superior is important to have a good working relationship with him/her and avoid any misunderstandings about not meeting work expectations. With that said, how can I ensure that I manage my manager effectively?

Answer: The role of a manager is self-explanatory, even in its layman definition – he or she has the rightful authority to plan, control and manage all aspects of their team.

In fact, HR practitioners agree with you – the majority suggest that managing your higher-ups is just as imperative as managing your subordinates. And given Singapore’s dynamic workforce in modern society, the workplace wheels have to be constantly turning to maintain a ready workforce of competent communicators. (Read More Here!)

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Q&A: How Should I Deal with Being Demoted/Reassigned?

Question: I have been demoted at work and am in the midst of re-evaluating my status in the office. Does my demotion suggest that my boss deems me unworthy and is subtly nudging me to leave?

Answer: One thing’s certain – if your boss wanted to give you the boot, he/she would have. For your part, learning about your demotion must have been harsh – even humiliating – but before you go about bashing yourself up and turning in that resignation slip, here are some things you should consider (and to keep your motivation from falling into a slump). (Read More Here!)

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So You Think You Can Do My Job – The Approachable Coach

By Deanna Bonaparte

Being able to have a job that isn’t desk-bound – and that offers plenty of teaching opportunities – was what motivated Stephanie Subashni to take up the role of Athletic Coach at Tanglin Trust School, a role she’s been excelling in for a good nine years. (Read More Here!)

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Q&A: How Can I Maintain A Healthy Work Spouse Relationship?

Question: I spend more time at work with a female colleague than I do at home with my actual wife. How can I ensure that this platonic relationship with my female colleague remains a healthy one?

Answer: While you have zero intent to cheat on your lovely wife, the unavoidable fact is that you’re probably spending most of your waking hours with coworkers of the opposite gender in your workplace. (Read More Here!)

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Q&A: How do I Establish an Office Carpool System?

Question: A few of my colleagues live near me and we sometimes even bump into each other on the MRT. How do I suggest an office carpool with a colleague who does drive, and is this a feasible idea?

Answer: Travelling to work daily on the same bus or MRT route is tiring – how often do you get to work without feeling too frazzled after an energy-sapping squeeze in a sardined train? This is where an office carpool can save the day’s morning – carpooling is when two or more individuals with a near common start and same end-point benefit from the convenience of sharing one car. (Read More Here!)

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Mother's Day Special: My Mother, My Motivator

By Deanna Bonaparte

As the cliché goes, being a mother is a full-time job - I always imagined that expectant mothers had to undergo a full-fledged training at a boarding school, with a curriculum drawn up according to books like ‘A Dummy’s Guide on How to Raise a Child.’ But the truth is that there is no training, nor is there an instruction manual attached to a helpless, wailing newborn – how unnerving it must be to hold in your arms a life you deem more precious than your own.

With Mothers’ Day just round the corner, I want to shine the torchlight on the woman who never went to Mummy Training Camp – yet raised me up in the best way possible. (Read More Here!)

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Q&A: My Boss is Inviting a 'Medium' to the Office. Is This Acceptable?

Question: After some unexplained 'occurences' in the office, my boss is inviting a 'medium' to help 'cleanse' the office. Is this an acceptable workplace practice?

Answer: Fear not! We’ve had Singapore workers share some really interesting ghostly encounters at work, and it’s not really so surprising that your boss is trying to shed some light on the unexplainable tales in your office – even if said ‘light’ may have to come in the form of an intermediary between planet Earth and the ‘other side’. (Read More Here!)

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Q&A: My Colleague is a Lazy Layabout. How can I Resolve This?

Question: My colleague is a lazy layabout and this is affecting office morale. Is there a way to resolve this?

Answer: We’re all familiar with THAT one idler who seems to get away with the Facebook tab on perpetual, easy access and an eyebrow-raising number of trips to the washroom (surely, a bladder isn’t that weak). And while he or he (let’s call the anonymous colleague Tim) seems to over-indulge in the texting and even snore at his desk on occasion, it’s all you do to bite down on the bullet to fight your mind-numbing tasks in the face of such apathy. (Read More Here!)

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