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Citi - Banking on Operations and Technology

At Citi, the Operations & Technology function is far from being the back-office support function for the financial institution. It is a key partner to the business in the product design, sales and product delivery.

By Lim Yan Wen

At the leading global financial services company, Operations & Technology (O&T) is seen as a competitive differentiator. It is no surprise then that about 50% of Citi’s workforce in Singapore is in Operations & Technology...


MAS - A Change Will Do You Good

Engineering graduates typically possess analytical skills which are useful in seemingly unrelated careers. A good example would be Teo Kai Xiang, who joined the Monetary Authority of Singapore after obtaining an engineering degree.

By Kurt Ganapathy

Teo Kai Xiang excelled in his course in Environmental Engineering at NTU. The 26-year-old graduated as the class valedictorian in 2007 with First Class Honours, and was also the recipient of the Professional Engineering Board Gold Medal for both academic and non-academic achievements...


Deloitte - Where Real Play is at Work

For many, the word “accountant” might conjure the image of a geeky office worker who revels in a world of numbers. But Haridas Kanagasabai would have you know that neither he nor his colleagues at Deloitte Singapore fit that stereotype.

By Trish Landi

“Sure, we love numbers,” said the Assistant Audit Manager of Deloitte Singapore’s Assurance and Advisory Services Group. “But we also know how to have fun...”


DCG - Scaling the Learning Curve

Derivatives Consulting Group has given fresh graduate Melissa Goh plenty of learning opportunities in the fast-paced finance industry.

By Lim Yan Wen

Even before she graduated from NUS in May this year, Melissa Goh had already set her sights on a career in the Derivatives Consulting Group (DCG). Armed with an honours degree in Business Administration and a major in Finance, Melissa was informed about a job opening at DCG by the Career Office at NUS, and her understanding of DCG made it easy for her to choose from the four job offers she received...


Great Eastern - Taking the Path Less Travelled, Following Their Hearts

Sometimes life takes us on a journey we never would have expected. Where our “dream lifestyle” and “perfect career” weren’t what we imagined when we were seven years old. So it has been for two high flying Life Planners at Great Eastern, where taking a turn onto the path less travelled led them to the pot of gold that eluded them when they thought they were in the right lane.


Dynamic Career in Finance with PhillipCapital

Do you find the financial industry intriguing? Does the mechanics of investment tools like stocks & shares, futures, insurance, unit trusts and fund management fascinate you? Or, do you envision yourself helping others grow their wealth by assisting them in choosing the right investments? If you answered "yes", why not consider a career with PhillipCapital?


Why shun insurance agents?

Insurance agents get a lot of bad press, and we often avoid them when we can. What could have led to such unhealthy and averse reactions, and to what extent are they justified?

By Nazirah Akhtar

Many shudder at the prospect of sitting through a meeting where an insurance salesman is eagerly rattling on about the benefits of buying insurance policies. Though we know that it is necessary to purchase one, we tend to avoid such salesmen like the plague.

Comments from some people on the street give us some clues as to why the negative perception exists. Having been approached countless times, local postgraduate student Akbar complains, “They seem so eager to sell insurance even to the point of forcing it down on you, regardless whether you need it or not. Even if you decline, they will persistently follow up with endless calls.” When asked if he would ever consider pursuing a career as an insurance salesman, Akbar says a firm “no”.