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Huawei Technologies - A Will to Learn

Huawei Technologies may be a learning organisation, but academic performance is not the only thing they look for in potential employees. A high EQ and having fun are equally important.

By Lim Yan Wen

Having brilliant academic results may indicate a high IQ, but to succeed at work and in life, EQ may be the key instead. Or at least that’s what Mr He Rong, Managing Director of Huawei Technologies thinks.


LTA - An Enriching Journey

From being an apprentice to a manager, we chart the fulfilling career of A. Rashid Karim at the Land Transport Authority.

By Trish Landi

Not many people can remember how Singapore was like before there were roads. But A. Rashid Karim certainly can, as he was part of the team that made history...


Start your engines! Engineering jobs after graduation

Some time back, it was a joke that the ITE stands for “it’s the end”. Happily, it’s the ITE graduates that have the last laugh as Singapore employers snap them up as fast as the school can graduate them. For many engineering graduates, graduation is the beginning of an exciting new career as companies jostle to hire them.

By Candy Lim

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Sales Engineers

Sales engineers use their engineering know-how to help customers determine which products or services provided by their employer best suit their needs. In addition to working with the customers, more experienced sales engineers work with the production, engineering, and even R&D departments of their company to design/modify products to meet the customer's needs better.

By Huang Shao Ning

Many of the job duties of sales engineers are similar to those of other salespersons. They must interest the client in purchasing their products. Sales engineers often team with the marketing people and concentrate mainly on the technical aspects of the product/services...


Gangway! Introducing the maritime and port authority of Singapore

When we think of Singapore as a maritime nation, the seaport immediately comes to mind. Most of us however, are probably unfamiliar with the regulators of the maritime, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).

By Ernest Eng