Styling Magic

Ever wondered how models in a magazine look so good? Not a hair out of place, flawless skin, beautiful clothes, and accessories. The mood of the theme captured perfectly in a blend of colors, lights, textures, and charisma. All these don't happen by accident or magic.

By Michelle Lim

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Instant messaging at the workplace

Instant messaging or IM for short has often been connected to leisure and fun, it also plays a role at the workplace- as a stress relieve, communicator adn even a business tool or to get your friends to buy you lunch when you're busy! but when IM screens first popped up in the workplace, most employers banned its usage. However, get your smileys out. Research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) estimate that corporate IM users will increase from fewer than 20 million in 2002 to more than 200 million in 2006. So join the new wave of chat communicators!

By Josh Rayan

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Taking a break before starting work: How to plan for the trip of your life

You are now at a major crossroad in life, done with school and about to step into the working world. This may be the perfect time to do some travelling. Read on to find out the key things you need to consider before embarking on your trip and how to prepare for it.

By Denise Chew

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Help! I’ve killed my boss!

You wake up gasping and in a cold sweat. What started off as a pleasant dream about a regular day at the office turned into a nightmare as you cold-bloodedly shot your boss! You always thought you liked him, so you don’t understand. Is there a hatred of him lurking in your subconscious mind? Will he be able to tell?

By Joshua Rayan

Not to worry, dreams have many implications, not all of which should be taken literally. Furthermore, you’re not alone...

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