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Q&A: Should I Join an MNC or SME?

I am a fresh graduate who currently has multiple job offers from various companies. For my first job, which would I be better off joining: a Multinational corporation (MNC) or a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)?

Firstly, congratulations on your graduation! Now that you’ve achieved a major milestone in your life, it’s time to take the next big step – your first job.

As the corporate culture found in an MNC and SME is vastly different, choosing which to work at rests heavily on what your interests, priorities and long-term career goals are. Let’s take a look at some differing characteristics between an MNC and SME:

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En-route to your first job

By Julailah Wahid

It seemed like a simple plan. Upon graduation, I was going to get a full-time job within four months. While freelancing here and there, I began searching for a permanent writing position. Emails were sent to companies but none were acknowledged. I became anxious and started asking myself if there was something fundamentally wrong with me.

What you study may not be what you end up doing

By Juliet Soh

I read Political Science in university. Many of my classmates eventually joined the civil service and using the knowledge they’ve acquired in public administration and international relations, are now making and executing the policies that we are affected by.

On the other hand, I started my career in journalism, and also delved into public relations. What I’ve learnt in school from Machiavelli to Marx doesn’t seem to apply to what I do at work now, except to sound knowledgeable when I make small talk with clients.

But this is not entirely uncommon.

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The new grad’s guide to understanding what the boss wants

Graduation was only a few months ago and yet your alma mater is already sending you alumni donation requests, it’s been less than ideal moving back in with your parents and any graduation money you got was burned through a long time ago (why did that new collector’s pack of DVDs seem so cool at the time?). However, the upside to all this is getting your first job after graduation, and along with this new life comes some challenges–one of the biggest being understanding your new boss.

Whether you’re working for a control freak or someone more hands off, there are ways to figure out what your boss is asking of you and how to impress her. From learning the communication style of your boss to becoming a star employee, here are some insider tips for starting your new job off on the right foot.

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JobsCentral survey: Fresh graduates expect more pay

Entry-level jobseekers expect higher wages for their first job, according to an annual survey by JobsCentral, Singapore’s most popular job portal for university students and graduates.

A total of 3,255 respondents took the 2011 JobsCentral Employers of Choice Survey (University Edition), which was conducted online from April to May this year. All respondents are from National Technological University, National University of Singapore and Singapore Management University, from the graduating classes of 2009 to 2016.

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How to choose a college that will get you hired

by Kaitlin Madden

One of the goals of researching a college before applying is to find out what life would be like if you chose to attend that school -- what your classes would be like, what kind of dorm room you'd live in, what you'd do on weekends and how far away from home you'd be.

But perhaps even more important than finding out what your life will be like while you're at school is to find out what it'll be like after you graduate.

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