Genres for the Job (Part III)

By Deanna Bonaparte

Sultry tunes like Jazz and Classical music are a staple in the iPods of many working individuals and well worth their salt. And as we have established in the past two weeks, they work especially well for software programmers and for those in the creative industry.

But not all jobs are tuned for such smooth grooves; there are jobs that’ll call for you to jive along to a different genre. (Read More Here!)

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Genres for the Job (Part II)

By Deanna Bonaparte

Last week, we established that different job roles arguably require different types of music – for instance, software programmers do better with Jazz or instrumental tunes.

But unbeknownst to many, listening to music is actually a highly engaging process that activates multiple areas of the brain at the same time, including the ‘more logical’ left brain hemisphere and the ‘more intuitive’ right brain hemisphere – this is one possible explanation behind the basis of creative stimulation when listening to music. (Read More Here!)

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Genres for the Job (Part I)

By Deanna Bonaparte

Isn't it extremely empowering to submit to your music of choice at the workplace while you’re wading through an endless to-do list? Even if it’s the peak hour commute, revving it up at the gym after work or soothing your nerves thanks to an overbearing boss, music has become more than just a soundtrack – it is an integral part of our lives. (Read More Here!)

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Unwind by Surfing – Blogs That Help You De-stress

By: Edmund Wang

For hardworking office drones out there, the hours spent relentlessly grinding data and mechanically replying countless emails require some sort of diversion.

After all, substantial research and studies have been carried out to support the seemingly counter-intuitive notion that short breaks increase workers’ productivity, which can and should be given the stamp of approval by your superiors!

Instead of staring idly into your smartphone trying to conquer the next level of Candy Crush or tinkering with your fantasy football team, here are some great websites to unwind with during your precious downtime.

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What to do this weekend...

It’s a musical weekend ahead. Unleash your creative side for these two great events!

The Fire Fight: Album Launch (“Henri”)
Date: 31 July 2009 (Fri)
Time: 9.30pm
Venue: Esplanade Recital Studio

Local music fans would know The Fire Fight as a household name. This indie-rock outfit has been in the music scene since 2007, when their performance at Baybeats drew fans in and blew the crowd away. After two years of production and hard slog, The Fire Fight is releasing their first full-length album, titled ‘Henri’. The album launch is in conjunction with Esplanade’s Late Night series. Admission is $25. For more ticket bookings, visit SISTIC.

SING DOLLAR! The musical comedy about money
Date: 23 July (Thurs) – 8 August (Sat)
Time: 8pm (Tues – Sun), 3pm (Sat – Sun) Approx 150 mins, including 20 mins intermission)
Venue: Esplanade theatre

Colloquial-humour, musical numbers and your favorite local comedians on a stage, depicting the financial woes of the Red Light District inhabitants. Not enough to get you interested? Throw a bag of half a million dollars in and you’ll get a frenzy unique only to the likes of Selena Tan (as a Tiger Beer Aunty) and the beloved Kumar (as a Bangladeshi dishwasher). Guaranteed to leave you with stitches, don’t miss out on this musical comedy. Admission is ticketed. For more information on ticketing prices, visit the SING DOLLAR! event page.