Q&A: Should I refuse my promotion if I am not keen on the new job scope?

Question: I’ve just been offered a promotion that brings with it new and weightier responsibilities. However, I really enjoy my current job and would no longer be required to cover most of my present responsibilities. Should I turn down the promotion?

Answer: Everyone dreams of climbing the corporate ladder. There are tons of resources dedicated to showing people how to advance their careers and net higher paying jobs. The offer of a promotion can also be immensely enticing, bringing with it the promise of a higher salary, more important responsibilities and a more impressive job title that tickles your ego. So when you are offered a step up the career ladder, it would seem madness to even think of turning down the offer. However, not all promotions are created equal. When the step up takes you in an unwanted direction and means that you will no longer be doing what you love, perhaps it’s wise to think twice about accepting the promotion. (Read More Here!)

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Q&A: Should I Accept a Contract Position?

Question: After having gone for a job interview for a permanent position, the company has offered me the role – but only on a contract basis. Should I accept their offer?

Answer: Your first reaction: what a disappointing – even insulting – offer! It’s perfectly natural to feel this way if you’ve applied for the position on the assumption that it’d be a permanent role.

What’s more, contract offers are usually made to candidates with insufficient work experience or educational qualifications, so to be offered the role on a contract basis (assuming it was advertised as a permanent role) implies that you lack either or both attributes. (Read More Here!)

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