The Value of a Gap Year

By Desiree Yang

If you’ve been through Singapore’s education system, chances are, you’ve been through a dozen or so years of formal education before you enter university. For some, the thought of diving head-first into a three or four-year degree can be mighty daunting after studying for so long. Instead, all you might really want is a well-deserved break from the academic treadmill and a chance to let your tortured brain recuperate. (Read More Here!)

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Better Ways for Better Days

By Deanna Bonaparte

The alarm rings; you take a scan for the clock – 7am. Once again, you are reminded of the Excel spreadsheets that await you and the deadlines that are one day closer. You wish you were raring to go, but the staccato images of the previous day leave you wondering the same thing you did the previous – if not every other - morning: How do I keep alert and energised throughout the day when, at this point, I feel anything but?

Mornings do not necessarily have to disgruntle you, and a few little steps can go a long way in reviving your stamina. Here are some small (but mighty) ways to shake off the morning blues! (Read More Here!)

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