Keep Fit for a Fit Organisation

In recent times, companies have become more conscious about the health of their employees and have begun to actively seek ways to promote healthy lifestyles at work. In addition to enhancing the physical well-being of employees and helping them feel better about themselves, sport can influence work outcomes in positive ways. Not only does sport help to relieve stress, it also builds camaraderie, improves mental alertness, and enhances productivity. (Read More Here!)

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Genres for the Job (Part III)

By Deanna Bonaparte

Sultry tunes like Jazz and Classical music are a staple in the iPods of many working individuals and well worth their salt. And as we have established in the past two weeks, they work especially well for software programmers and for those in the creative industry.

But not all jobs are tuned for such smooth grooves; there are jobs that’ll call for you to jive along to a different genre. (Read More Here!)

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3 Lessons from Running

By Julailah Wahid

Confession: I am a running junkie.

While others spend their weekend mornings in bed, I lace up my Nikes and head outside for a six-mile run. Running is an invigorating and therapeutic experience – it rids my mind of negativity, empowers me and allows me to appreciate life’s simple pleasures.

With that said, a runner’s journey is not always a walk in the park (it’s often several sprints). It involves many uphill battles (literally) and requires plenty of discipline, commitment and most importantly, patience. (Read More Here!)

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