When Office Naps Backfire

By Deanna Bonaparte

Some would stand by the notion that getting a quick shut-eye in the middle of the day helps to raise productivity levels in the later half. In fact, a number of leading companies offer nap rooms and encourage afternoon naps in an effort to raise levels of engagement and focus among employees. MetroNaps, a New York company that produces ‘sleeping pods’ resembling space-age lounge chairs, sees leading companies like Google, Huffington Post and Cisco Systems requiring their resources. Employers eager to appeal to employees who want their work to be validated with a good work life balance have no qualms about allowing them some time off their desks for an afternoon nap. But lurking behind these comfortable lounge chairs and afternoon naps are some surprising drawbacks. (Read More Here!)

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Better Ways for Better Days

By Deanna Bonaparte

The alarm rings; you take a scan for the clock – 7am. Once again, you are reminded of the Excel spreadsheets that await you and the deadlines that are one day closer. You wish you were raring to go, but the staccato images of the previous day leave you wondering the same thing you did the previous – if not every other - morning: How do I keep alert and energised throughout the day when, at this point, I feel anything but?

Mornings do not necessarily have to disgruntle you, and a few little steps can go a long way in reviving your stamina. Here are some small (but mighty) ways to shake off the morning blues! (Read More Here!)

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How Can I make Power Naps at the Work Place a Viable Option?


I've been feeling really drowsy at work, especially around mid-day, and I would like to be able to take a short nap but the office isn't a very conducive place to do so. What can I do to make power napping a viable option during my lunch hour?


There has been much debate about the effectiveness of a power nap and how it maximises the benefits of sleep versus time, especially for working professionals. We frequently work too hard, sleep too little and accumulate too much stress, and too often the solution to this is either having a cup of coffee or an energy drink.

Truth be told, power naps (less than half an hour – even as brief as 10 minutes!) have the capability to restore your alertness and promote productivity, and more effectively than any caffeine-infused beverage. Not to mention you’ll be avoiding the side-effects of imbibing too many of these energy boosters.

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