OBS - Considering Becoming an Outward Bound Instructor?

As instructors, we lead by example. Are you ready to take up the challenge?

These are some of the things you can look forward to:

1. Outdoor Skills Accreditation

A comprehensive skills training programme is provided for all Outward Bound Singapore Instructors. These include kayaking, rock climbing, sailing, wilderness first aid, powerboat handling, risk assessment & management and more. All skills will be accredited to the national standards for the industry...

2. Facilitation Skills Training

The value in an Outward Bound course is derived from facilitated discussions and helping participants discover their own learning. To fulfill this role, you will be trained in concepts, theories and models related to facilitating experiential learning. Such trainings are conducted by an experienced pool of both in-house and external trainers.

3. Varied Outward Bound courses and a Spectrum of Participants

There will be opportunities to be exposed to different Outward Bound courses, including those in different places like Sabah, South Africa, Mongolia and Brunei. There are also opportunities to work with a spectrum of participant profiles, from children to adults.

4. Career Opportinities

In Outward Bound Singapore, there are many opportunities and channels of growth for our Instructors. The different departments in OBS allow for that. An Instructor may choose to focus on developing programmes for our clients as a Programme Consultant with the OB Youth or OB Professional departments. Or he or she may choose to develop people as staff managers in Training and Operations. Or the opportunity may be given to take on less instructional duties such as Operations Management or other administrative support roles. The choices are diverse.

The work is definitely fulfilling. Every year over more than 20,000 participants experience an Outward Bound course in Singapore. Each one is an opportunity for us to make a positive impact on a life. There is much satisfaction watching others go past their self-perceived limits and listening to them share how they have learnt something new about themselves.

Being an OBS instructor is not merely a job, it is a lifestyle. Love for the outdoors, passion for working with people and interest in acquiring outdoor skills will definitely get you to our doorstep.

So, what is the secret of a successful and effective instructor?
- Do you have the aptitude and dynamism to live and work in the outdoors?
- Are you able to perform in uncertain environments and adapt yourself to different challenges?
- Is your passion fuelled by an unfaltering belief in the potential of others and the determination to help them strive towards their goals?
- Are you able to continually upgrade and improve your competencies while managing the physical stress of the job?
- Do you thirst for continual improvement of your personal standards and are you willing to commit yourself to the fulfillment of these?

If your answer is YES to the above questions, and you choose to walk with Outward Bound Singapore for the next part of your life’s journey, the task ahead is simple. As instructors, we lead by example. Are you ready to take up the challenge?


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