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Travelling places

Singapore Tourism Board
Thanks to her scholarship with the Singapore Tourism Board, 27-year-old Juliana Kua gained exposure to a broad range of experiences that continue to remain relevant to her career.

By Joyce Lin


Article: Selling Singapore

Tourism is an important sector of Singapore's economy and contributes about 3 % to Singapore's GDP. The tourism 2015 roadmap will help to capture the expected boom in tourism. There will be more employment opportunity in all the sectors that make up the industry in Singapore.

By Lim Chang Shane


Article: Singapore girl, are you still a great way to fly?

Singapore Airlines has always been the airline to fly with. The Singapore girl is the epitomy of beauty, elegance, and premier service. What does it take to become a Singapore girl? Find out more about the hardwork that goes into making every flight a great way to fly.

By Denise Chew


Cheap Luxuries - None in Singapore?

Is the budget hostel a myth in Singapore? Is it possible to find a luxury for $25 a night? Career central explores the hostel scene in Singapore, and talks to the people behind this niche market.

By Low Lin Fhoong


A night in the life of a bartender

What’s a party at the local club without a drink to heighten the experience? And how would you get that vodka martini to slake your thirst, if not for the person behind the bar? Take a walk on the wild side, as we bring you a closer look at the work of three lady bartenders.

By Joshua Rayan