New Dads Not Taking Advantage of Paternity Leave

By Anthony Balderrama

TV commercials might have you believe a new tie, a car, or a case of beer is the best gift you can give dad this Father’s Day. What he might want most is some time off from work, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey.

Like working moms, dads who work outside the home have to find time to be with their families and still fulfill their usual workplace duties. If you’re a working parent, you might want to be at your children’s recital, but you can’t exactly leave in the middle of an important work dinner where you’re about to sign a deal with a client. Either work or your personal life has to suffer to some degree, and it’s not easy to know when one deserves more attention than the other.

Survey: Bosses Take More Vacation Time Than Their Teams

By Debra Auerbach

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t think a vacation is a good thing. Beyond getting to explore different parts of the country or the world, vacations have been shown to improve mental health, prevent job burnout and even enhance creativity. Yet if you’re guilty of ending the year without using most of your vacation days, you’re not alone — at least among your peers. Your boss, however, might be a different story.

College Majors with the Highest Starting Salaries

By Debra Auerbach

College students pick their major for any number of reasons — interest in a particular field of study, ability to get a job post-graduation, amount of education or training needed and more. Another factor students often consider is how much they might earn once they enter the workforce. While it’s hard to imagine that any student would actively seek a low-paying major, some students may weigh salary more heavily than others when deciding on a degree.

What ‘The Avengers’ Can Teach You About the Workplace

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

By Mollie Ficarella, CareerBuilder

The summer movie season is kicking off, and the first big blockbuster to open is “The Avengers.” It brings together some of Marvel Comics’ biggest superheroes into one movie for a battle royale between a demigod and his alien cohorts. Chances are you haven’t encountered a master assassin at your office potluck, because comic-book stories aren’t usually ripped from the headlines. However, the personality types on display in “The Avengers” are probably not that far off from the volatile and larger-than-life people you encounter — or hide from — at the office.

What The Executive Office Looks Like

By Anthony Balderrama

The corner office isn’t where most of us sit (if we get to sit at all on the job). For the average worker, senior leadership positions are difficult to come by and something you spend much of your career working toward. That is if you even want a leadership role — not everyone strives for the responsibility and headaches that come with the position. But for those workers hoping to land an executive role, the outlook is brighter today than it was six months ago.

In the coming six months, 31 percent of employers plan to hire for executive-level positions, finds a new survey from CareerBuilder and Headhunter.com. This is 6 percent higher than the same survey found in October 2011.

6 jobs that are in demand now

By Kaitlin Madden

Image source

After years of disappointing employment news, it looks like the job market has finally made a definitive turn in the right direction.

Over the past three months, the economy has added 721,000 jobs, or an average of 245,000 jobs per month, marking one of the greatest periods of job growth since before the recession. Additionally, in the six-month period from August 2011 to March 2012, the unemployment rate fell 0.8 percent. The current unemployment rate, 8.3 percent, is the lowest it’s been in three years.

So where are all of these new jobs coming from? Here’s a look at six occupations that are currently in high demand.

‘If I knew then what I know now’: Advice for College Graduates

By Debra Auerbach

If you had a time machine, would you travel into the future to see what’s in store for you 10, 20 or 30 years from now? Or would you rather travel back in time, perhaps right after college graduation, to fix a mistake you made or take another path in life?

10 Tweets That Could Get You Fired

By Kaitlin Madden

As long as people both have jobs and Twitter accounts, we will have something to blog about. That’s because, no matter how many ill-fated tweeters go before them, there are still people in the world that don’t seem to realize that Twitter is a public forum until their boss reads their “My boss is an idiot” post.

As an exercise in how to kill your career in 140 characters or less, we decided to search the words “job” and “boss” on Twitter, and see what came up. We didn’t have to look too hard to find these 10 tweets, all of which appeared in our first 50 search results, and all of which have pink-slip potential.

What employers think of gaps in your work history

By Anthony Balderrama

When the recession began, the question that popped up repeatedly was, “Can I find a job in this economy?” Then, for those fortunate enough to be offered a position, the question often became, “Should I take a job even if it’s a step down from my last role?”