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When It Is OK to Move Sideways Instead of Up

By Deanna Bonaparte

When it comes to your career path, upward isn’t the only direction to travel. A sideways or ‘lateral’ move – defined as a move either within your current company or to a new organisation with similar remuneration, responsibilities and a similar title – can often pay off in the future.

For a business to compete effectively in today’s diverse and highly competitive markets, the demand for employees who have had experience in various aspects of the industry and have handled diversified portfolios is probably even higher than the demand for purely functional employees who have been given promotions because of their steadfast performance. (Read More Here!)

When F1 Drivers Retire: Lessons for Senior Workers

By Desiree Yang

Formula One (F1) drivers are defined by their love and avid passion for cars and all things related to the automotive industry. While the expiration date on their careers typically looms when drivers approach their mid-thirties, few ever seek jobs outside of the motor racing or automotive industry. (Read More Here!)

Navigating Workplace Taboos: Tattoos

By Deanna Bonaparte

Given the rapid pace at which social norms are being shattered and redefined today, one would hardly be surprised to learn that the meek, goody two-shoes next door has a palm-sized dragon tattoo brightly imprinted on her torso. The act of getting a tattoo is no longer synonymous with an act of rebellion, nor does having tattoos make one a hooligan. (Read More Here!)

MNCs vs SMEs: The Importance of Work Harmony

By Deanna Bonaparte

Between Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) and Small-and-Medium Enterprises (SMEs), their corporate cultures can be as different as chalk and cheese. An MNC typically houses multiple departments and a large pool of staff who generally keep to their own departments, while an SME is comparably smaller in size and has employees frequently working across divisions to make end goals meet.

We take a look at the characteristics that differentiate an MNC from an SME, and how it is important to maintain good relations among co-workers. (Read More Here!)

The Importance of Workplace Diversity

By Desiree Yang

As a multi-racial, cosmopolitan business hub, Singapore has only seen its diverse workforce become even more diverse. As of 2013, 66 per cent of the 1.46 million non-resident population was employed in lower/semi-skilled, mid-level skilled or higher-skilled positions. With a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita of S$69,050 in 2013 – one of the highest in the world – such diversity has clearly positioned Singapore for global success.

But while it’s important for companies to know how to go about increasing diversity in the workplace, it is equally important for them to know exactly why it’s encouraged. (Read More Here!)

Q&A: Should I refuse my promotion if I am not keen on the new job scope?

Question: I’ve just been offered a promotion that brings with it new and weightier responsibilities. However, I really enjoy my current job and would no longer be required to cover most of my present responsibilities. Should I turn down the promotion?

Answer: Everyone dreams of climbing the corporate ladder. There are tons of resources dedicated to showing people how to advance their careers and net higher paying jobs. The offer of a promotion can also be immensely enticing, bringing with it the promise of a higher salary, more important responsibilities and a more impressive job title that tickles your ego.

So when you are offered a step up the career ladder, it would seem madness to even think of turning down the offer. However, not all promotions are created equal. When the step up takes you in an unwanted direction and means that you will no longer be doing what you love, perhaps it’s wise to think twice about accepting the promotion. (Read More Here!)

When Office Naps Backfire

By Deanna Bonaparte

Some would stand by the notion that getting a quick shut-eye in the middle of the day helps to raise productivity levels in the later half. In fact, a number of leading companies offer nap rooms and encourage afternoon naps in an effort to raise levels of engagement and focus among employees. MetroNaps, a New York company that produces ‘sleeping pods’ resembling space-age lounge chairs, sees leading companies like Google, Huffington Post and Cisco Systems requiring their resources.

Employers eager to appeal to employees who want their work to be validated with a good work life balance have no qualms about allowing them some time off their desks for an afternoon nap. But lurking behind these comfortable lounge chairs and afternoon naps are some surprising drawbacks. (Read More Here!)

Q&A: Should I Accept an Overseas Job Assignment?

Question: I’ve recently been offered a job assignment overseas. What are some of the things I should consider when making my decision?

Answer: When people think of expatriates, they think of cushy lifestyles involving a generous living allowance, company cars and – if there are children in the picture – a fully-funded education for the young ones at an international school. (Read More Here!)

The Good That Can Come Out of Having a Bad Boss

By Desiree Yang

Workplace relations are often tricky and it’s not uncommon for employees to have a gripe with their bosses – especially if he or she has working habits or personality traits that simply rub people the wrong way. On the other hand, some of you might find ourselves fortunate enough to be working for a great boss who inspires and motivates you and helps you learn and improve. But if you haven’t had the privilege of such good fortune, here are a few lessons that you can glean from your otherwise unpleasant circumstances. (Read More Here!)

Busy is the New Black

By Koh Wanzi

For many ambitious workers eager to scale the corporate ladder, the next five or 10 years are laid out on a carefully planned roadmap. As they hunker down over their career plans and meticulously planned schedules, they are sure that determination, grit, and utter dedication to their work will get them to where they want to be.

Most times, these are the same people who constantly lament about how “busy” they are, complete with the obligatory pair of furrowed brows and troubled expression. More often than not, these are veiled boasts and these people would dread the alternative – having too much spare time on their hands. (Read More Here!)