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Q&A: My Colleague's Desk is Attracting Pests. What Can I Do?

Question: My colleague's desk is attracting pests. What can I do?

Answer: Ahh, the whiff of pestilence! A desk littered with snack wrappers and crumbs is a sure-fire way to attract all manner of foraging critters and bugs. Pests in the workplace (no, not your irritating co-workers) are a huge nuisance, contributing to the spread of illnesses and occasionally scaring the galumphing human occupants. (Read More Here!)

Keep Off Those Extra Office Pounds

By Koh Wanzi

Having a white-collar job in Singapore often means the start of an increasingly sedentary lifestyle and the beginning of a spell of inactivity that can be hard to break. After all, more time spent sitting at a desk means less time and energy to dedicate to exercise.

A recent JobsCentral Survey found that more than three in five Singaporean workers have gained weight since starting work. Furthermore, 16.8 per cent reported gaining at least 20kg since joining the workforce and an earlier survey found that they packed on the pounds at approximately the rate of 3kg for every year of work. (Read More Here!)

Why We Should Embrace Bring Your Own Device Day

By Koh Wanzi

While an obscure acronym at first glance, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Day is a growing trend in 21st century workplaces where workers are encouraged to use their own devices—be it their phone, tablet, or personal computer – at work.

In fact, a 2013 TechInsights Report found that 39 per cent of businesses in Singapore listed BYOD as the top priority in their list of enterprise mobility initiatives. Enterprise mobility refers to a shift in business practices where employees increasingly work outside the office but are also required to access secure corporate data. (Read More Here!)

Online Entrepreneurs: 4 Things You Should Be Aware Of

By Deanna Bonaparte

A great advantage of being an online entrepreneur (who relies on e-commerce, rather than a brick-and-mortar presence) is the ability to work whenever, wherever, and however. This might suggest that you’d have greater flexibility for family and leisure activities, but the truth is that online entrepreneurs are in control of their own failure and success, and this can become very daunting very quickly. Here are 4 things to note before you become an online entrepreneur. (Read More Here!)

Q&A: Breaking The Ice

Question: I'm new at my workplace. How do I break the ice with my colleagues?

Answer: Congrats for landing a new job! With that out of the way, being a raw novice in any environment can be hard – though we all have the innate desire to fit in, breaking the ice with total strangers can be a troublesome, arduous process. It takes a certain finesse to conscientiously tread on the horizon of being nice enough without being too nice - and coming across as ‘fake’. (Read More Here!)

Back to Basics: The Back Rest

By Deanna Bonaparte

As office drones, we spend a lot of time sitting at our office desks each and every day, ignorant to the fact that this seemingly harmless (in)activity can take a toll on our physical well-being. In fact, you might already be familiar with your colleagues’ complaints about their backs being in serious need of a massage!

We brush it off with a laugh, but slouching and other undesirable sitting positions can cause pinched nerves on our shoulders and spine, ultimately producing persistent backaches. If you haven’t given much thought to the comfort of your workspace, it’s high time you give it an essential yet inexpensive ergonomic makeover – the office cushion. (Read More Here!)

How to Ace Your Job Interview with the Right Body Language

By Jeremy Cheong

Job interviews are an inherently stressful affair. Some candidates tend to fidget during the job interview, which can range from touching one’s hair to slouching too much. The former reveals your nervousness while the latter implies a lack of confidence.

You might be surprised at how your body language is giving you away – in fact, experts have determined that 93 per cent of all daily communication between individuals is nonverbal. (Read More Here!)

Q&A: Promotion and Additional Work Responsibilities

Question: I’ve been with my company for a couple of years and recently requested for a promotion – but I’ve been told by my superior that this will mean taking on additional work responsibilities. Is this fair?

Answer: In a nutshell – of course it is! Many employees often gripe about being loaded with additional work with no pay increment, and with good reason – no one likes to feel exploited. In such a situation, it’s only fair to ask for additional remuneration to accompany an increase in workplace responsibilities.

Nevertheless, the flip side of this equation also means that the company will likely require the employee to raise their performance and/or shoulder additional responsibilities if a promotion (with a pay increment) is granted. Your eventual promotion within the company thus hinges on a few factors. (Read More Here!)

Better Ways for Better Days

By Deanna Bonaparte

The alarm rings; you take a scan for the clock – 7am. Once again, you are reminded of the Excel spreadsheets that await you and the deadlines that are one day closer. You wish you were raring to go, but the staccato images of the previous day leave you wondering the same thing you did the previous – if not every other - morning: How do I keep alert and energised throughout the day when, at this point, I feel anything but?

Mornings do not necessarily have to disgruntle you, and a few little steps can go a long way in reviving your stamina. Here are some small (but mighty) ways to shake off the morning blues! (Read More Here!)

3 Ways to Ward off a Food Coma

By Deanna Bonaparte

Ever felt a bout of postprandial somnolence (aka ‘food coma’ or ‘post-makan¬-syndrome’)? Postprandial somnolence (henceforth referred to as PS), which usually hits you right after the buzz of lunchtime and is responsible for the energetic crash following a good meal, is a fusion of chemical reactions that will leave you feeling physically sleepy and mentally drained. (Read More Here!)