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Q&A: My Colleague is a Lazy Layabout. How can I Resolve This?

Question: My colleague is a lazy layabout and this is affecting office morale. Is there a way to resolve this?

Answer: We’re all familiar with THAT one idler who seems to get away with the Facebook tab on perpetual, easy access and an eyebrow-raising number of trips to the washroom (surely, a bladder isn’t that weak). And while he or he (let’s call the anonymous colleague Tim) seems to over-indulge in the texting and even snore at his desk on occasion, it’s all you do to bite down on the bullet to fight your mind-numbing tasks in the face of such apathy. (Read More Here!)

Life Insurance - Is It Really Necessary for Singapore Workers?

By Deanna Bonaparte

Employees love to be taken care of – in fact, research suggests that workers’ benefits can be traced all the way back to the Golden Age of Piracy, where Caribbean pirates who fell injured in their dangerous trade would be compensated with shares of silver and gold pooled from their fellow uninjured buccaneers. (Read More Here!)

Career Lessons from the David Moyes Saga

By Deanna Bonaparte

Even if you aren’t a footie fan, you’ve surely heard about how the ‘David Moyes era’ has come to its long-awaited end, with his dismissal as Manager of Manchester United Football Club (MUFC) making headlines in the world of sports.

Compared to his predecessor, the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson, Moyes’ time in the hotseat was extremely short-lived. But one thorn of (another’s) experience is worth a wilderness of warning, and here are some workplace takeaways from Moyes’ ill-fated stint for workplace managers. (Read More Here!)

Calling Brooklyn Nine Nine

By Desiree Yang

Set in the (fictional) 99th Precinct of the New York City Police Department (based in the Brooklyn borough), US TV Series Brooklyn Nine Nine boasts a diverse cast of well-developed characters whose lives are bound to tickle that funny bone in you!

To be fair, Brooklyn Nine Nine had (and still has) high expectations to live up to when it made its debut in fall last year. In addition to its entertainment value, the Golden Globe Award-winning show also has a few key points that are surprisingly applicable in the workplace! (Read More Here!)

Workplace Counter-Culture – 4/20

By Deanna Bonaparte

‘4/20’ – You may remember staccato flashes of this term in vaguely-recalled places, or have even heard about it in songs and movies.

Or perhaps you know zilch about it.

How is 4/20 significant, you may ask? In fact, 4/20 (pronounced as “four-twenty”) has been an unorthodox symbol for nearly 30 years. What started out as an underground term managed to crawl its way into the mainstream, becoming – for better or for worse – a commercialised statement. (Read More Here!)

Gossip in the Workplace—Turn It to Your Benefit

By Koh Wanzi

We’ve all been there—huddling round the metaphorical water cooler and chattering excitedly on the latest dirt on a certain colleague. Engaging in idle chat and dishing out the latest salacious titbits at the workplace can be quite a delight, no? (Read More Here!)

Q&A: Mid-Career Switch - Financial Consultants

Question: I’m feeling very unfulfilled in my current job. Can I make a mid-career switch to become a financial consultant?

Answer: Perhaps the lifestyle of a ‘banker’ in tailored suits and slick silk ties has caught your fancy – or you want a ‘click-clack’ rhythm as the elegant lady in pristine, four-inch stilettos. But to answer your question – of course you can! (Read More Here!)

Genres for the Job (Part III)

By Deanna Bonaparte

Sultry tunes like Jazz and Classical music are a staple in the iPods of many working individuals and well worth their salt. And as we have established in the past two weeks, they work especially well for software programmers and for those in the creative industry.

But not all jobs are tuned for such smooth grooves; there are jobs that’ll call for you to jive along to a different genre. (Read More Here!)

Free Cone Day at the Workplace!

By Deanna Bonaparte

You’ve seen the herd instincts of our fellow Singaporeans – scream “freebies!” and a flock of human vultures will come galloping your way. But who are we to judge? Singaporeans love freebies – give it out and they will come.

If you were one of many with your patience to the test on 8 April (Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day) and walked away one ice-cream cone happier, you’d understand this freebie bliss. But Ben & Jerry’s need not be the only ones with freebies to give out – the workplace could adopt such a practice too! (Read More Here!)

Investment 101 for Working Adults

By Deanna Bonaparte

Fortunately (or unfortunately), personal finance was not a requisite module for everyone back in school, and some of us might be clueless as to how to manage our financial assets. And when you consider the fact that retirement planning is an important part of being able to enjoy your golden years in Singapore, placing your financial eggs in different baskets to hatch your golden plan is actually a sound proposition.

It’s not as bad as it sounds; all it takes is the continuous effort to read up and learn. You don’t have to purchase a biography of Warren Buffet (although that might help greatly), and you don’t even need to be particularly good at Math. (Read More Here!)