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Q&A: How Can I Maintain A Healthy Work Spouse Relationship?

Question: I spend more time at work with a female colleague than I do at home with my actual wife. How can I ensure that this platonic relationship with my female colleague remains a healthy one?

Answer: While you have zero intent to cheat on your lovely wife, the unavoidable fact is that you’re probably spending most of your waking hours with coworkers of the opposite gender in your workplace. (Read More Here!)

What I Learnt from a Scholarship Assessment Centre (AC) Session

By Desiree Yang

As an aspiring scholar, I’ve thought to myself on numerous occasions, “I don’t find scholarship interviews very effective.” Scholarship providers who decide on whether an applicant is suitable based on his or her answers to hypothetical questions during a mere half-hour interview – this idea never did resonate with me. (Read More Here!)

The Makings of an Attractive Internship

By Desiree Yang

Internships are fantastic! While most of us won’t find ourselves in the fortunate shoes of Billy McMahon or Nick Campbell, who landed themselves internships at Google in The Internship, internship programmes can be vastly beneficial to the majority of interns and companies out there. Interns are presented with a wealth of opportunities to gain hands-on experience and knowledge that will benefit them in the future and any company could always do with an extra pair of hands.

Some companies might be under the impression that when it comes to internships, potential interns cannot afford to be selective because opportunities are few and far between. While that may be true to a certain extent, it’s no excuse to hastily cobble together a poor internship programme—you might just be losing valuable young talents to other companies with more attractive programmes. (Read More Here!)

Jessica Alba: Mother, Wife, Actress & CEO – How Does She Do It?

By Desiree Yang

Jessica Alba is no stranger to the big screen with popular titles like Sin City, Fantastic Four, and Valentine’s Day to her name. In addition to her success on the silver screen, Jessica has shown herself to be quite the entrepreneur as well, as CEO and President of The Honest Company. (Read More Here!)

Q&A: How do I Establish an Office Carpool System?

Question: A few of my colleagues live near me and we sometimes even bump into each other on the MRT. How do I suggest an office carpool with a colleague who does drive, and is this a feasible idea?

Answer: Travelling to work daily on the same bus or MRT route is tiring – how often do you get to work without feeling too frazzled after an energy-sapping squeeze in a sardined train? This is where an office carpool can save the day’s morning – carpooling is when two or more individuals with a near common start and same end-point benefit from the convenience of sharing one car. (Read More Here!)

Entering the Workforce as a Diploma Holder

By Desiree Yang

In Singapore, choosing to enter the workforce without a degree is often considered the road less travelled, especially as the majority of society has come to see the paper chase as the only way to guarantee any form of financial security in the future. Many diploma holders also find it hard to enter a local university and have to turn to private education institutions or venture overseas. (Read More Here!)

Mother's Day Special: My Mother, My Motivator

By Deanna Bonaparte

As the cliché goes, being a mother is a full-time job - I always imagined that expectant mothers had to undergo a full-fledged training at a boarding school, with a curriculum drawn up according to books like ‘A Dummy’s Guide on How to Raise a Child.’ But the truth is that there is no training, nor is there an instruction manual attached to a helpless, wailing newborn – how unnerving it must be to hold in your arms a life you deem more precious than your own.

With Mothers’ Day just round the corner, I want to shine the torchlight on the woman who never went to Mummy Training Camp – yet raised me up in the best way possible. (Read More Here!)

The Perks of Being a Social Entrepreneur

By Desiree Yang

In Singapore, social enterprises – sustainable businesses that emphasise the public good over profit margins, such as a co-operative – are part of an increasingly vibrant scene, with over 100 different active social enterprises in existence today.(Read More Here!)

The Value of a Gap Year

By Desiree Yang

If you’ve been through Singapore’s education system, chances are, you’ve been through a dozen or so years of formal education before you enter university. For some, the thought of diving head-first into a three or four-year degree can be mighty daunting after studying for so long. Instead, all you might really want is a well-deserved break from the academic treadmill and a chance to let your tortured brain recuperate. (Read More Here!)

Anti-Bacterial Sprays - Necessary in the Workplace!

By Deanna Bonaparte

The modern workplace can be home to swarms of germs and bacteria – in fact, did you know that the average desktop has 400 times more bacteria than your toilet bowl? One does not simply fathom the horror! (Read More Here!)