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Establishing Gender Equality in the Workplace

By Desiree Yang

Jill Abramson’s abrupt dismissal from her job as Executive Editor at the New York Times caused quite a stir in the media, with many speculating that she was wrongfully dismissed from her position – which she held for just under three years – on discriminatory grounds.

The publisher of the Times, Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. released a statement on 24 June 2014, over a month after Abramson’s dismissal, where he stated that her departure had nothing to do with her gender or her hiring a lawyer to question the wage gap between her and her male predecessor. He instead cited “arbitrary decision-making, a failure to consult and bring colleagues with her, inadequate communication and the public mistreatment of colleagues”, as grounds for her dismissal. (Read More Here!)

So You Think You Can Do My Job - Internet Entrepreneur

By Desiree Yang

Even at the tender age of 22, Abel Chua is already the CEO and founder of Global Blaze Solutions, a software company that provides its clients with revolutionary software solutions. One such example is Globby, a software platform which addresses e-commerce needs of businesses by providing both commerce and marketing analytics in a single platform.

Globby was the result of Abel’s mission to bridge the gap that exists between business owners and their customers. And since its establishment last year, Globby has gone on to serve the needs of more than 100 brands and businesses, with popular model, blogger and co-owner of My Dream Bag, Yan Kay Kay, taking up the role of Globby’s brand endorser.(Read More Here!)

Q&A: Should I Ask My Friend To Join My Workplace?

Question: There is a job opening at my workplace and I am thinking of asking my unemployed friend to join me here. Is this a feasible idea?

Answer: It can certainly be refreshing to have your friend join you at your workplace, especially if you know what he or she is capable of. Your friend can not only be a new-found figure of comfort from the daily drudgeries of work life, but also provide you with a safe refuge from the nuisance of (other) annoying co-workers.

But note that although this may seem like an extremely attractive proposition, the pendulum could well swing the other way – especially if your friend will be joining your department/team and he or she has a work-style that is as different from you as chalk and cheese. (Read More Here!)

Things to Do Over the Weekend to Beat the Monday Blues

By Desiree Yang

We have all grown too familiar with the wave of blues that hits us square in the face whenever our alarms go off on Monday morning. The thought of getting caught in the middle of the unforgiving crowd on the commute to work makes us die a little (or a lot) on the inside, and all we want is to seek refuge under our covers (only made worse on rainy mornings).

The way out of this pit might just lie in how we choose to occupy ourselves on our precious and well-deserved weekends, which should be spent away from the very thing that stresses us out – work. Here are some ways that one of the most indispensable amenities of modern life can help you start the week with a bounce in your step. (Read More Here!)

Maximise Your Time at a Career Fair

Whether you’re a veteran of career fairs or a newbie braving the crowds to land that coveted job, walking through the expansive halls can be a tiring and unrewarding experience if you’re not sure what exactly you’re looking for. (Read More Here!)

Career Fair Etiquette 101

With the JobsCentral Career and Education Fair 2014 coming up, throngs of jobseekers will be navigating their way through the expansive halls of Suntec Singapore Convention Centre.

Seeing that more than 90 employers will be present at the fair, proper conduct is important if you want to leave a positive impression and raise your chances of securing a job offer.

Here are five basic protocols to follow to show employers that you are a serious job applicant (and one with good manners): (Read More Here!)

Juggling the World Cup and the Workplace

By Desiree Yang

The 2014 FIFA World Cup has once again descended upon our football-crazy nation, and (un)fortunately for football fanatics in Singapore, most if not all matches are being screened at the most unearthly of hours, essentially forcing fans to choose between sleep and viewership.

Cue the snowballing ‘sleep debt’ of office drones, who could probably pass off as a zombie on The Walking Dead (US TV series set in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by flesh-eating zombies).

Being sleep-deprived kills work productivity – whether it is having to fight the constant urge to rest your head on the desk for a quick nap or staring at the computer monitor trying to concentrate – and your superior is unlikely to be impressed. As an employee, is it possible to give your 100 per cent at work while ‘moonlighting’ as a soccer fanatic - or as an employer, how can you keep employee productivity high during this period?
(Read More Here!)

Mixing Friendship and Business (Part II) – Should I Invest in My Friend’s Startup/Company?

By Desiree Yang

For a moment, consider the following: who is one of the world’s wealthiest men and a successful investor and businessman to boot? It’s none other than US business magnate Warren Buffett, chairman, CEO and largest shareholder of multinational conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway, and this is what he has to say about investing.

“You don’t need to be a rocket scientist. Investing is not a game where the guy with the IQ of 160 beats the guy with only an IQ of 130.”

Well, if only it were really that simple! Investing your hard-earned money to secure your financial future is a no-brainer, but there are countless factors for you to consider when you’re deciding whether to invest in a bedrock stock like Apple or Coca-Cola or in a friend’s startup/established company.

For the latter, let us return to the age-old adage mentioned in the previous article. And if you are seriously considering investing in a friend’s startup/established company, consider the following before diving in heart/head-first. (Read More Here!)

Q&A: How Do I Manage My Higher-Ups Effectively?

Question: I feel that being able to manage my superior is important to have a good working relationship with him/her and avoid any misunderstandings about not meeting work expectations. With that said, how can I ensure that I manage my manager effectively?

Answer: The role of a manager is self-explanatory, even in its layman definition – he or she has the rightful authority to plan, control and manage all aspects of their team.

In fact, HR practitioners agree with you – the majority suggest that managing your higher-ups is just as imperative as managing your subordinates. And given Singapore’s dynamic workforce in modern society, the workplace wheels have to be constantly turning to maintain a ready workforce of competent communicators. (Read More Here!)

Is the Five-Day Work Week and Eight-Hour Work Day an Outdated Model?

By Koh Wanzi

Many of us are familiar with the daily grind of a Monday to Friday, nine to five work schedule. Few people question it or even think of overturning the status quo, but as we embrace new economic models and knowledge-oriented economies, the time appears ripe to rethink the five-day work week as one of the fundamental aspects of our jobs. (Read More Here!)