How to Address Gaps on a CV

By Matt Tarpey, CareerBuilder US

Job seekers put a lot of time and effort into what is included on their CVs, but often what causes them the most stress is what they leave off. If you’ve been unemployed or left the workforce for personal reasons, you may be a little anxious about how to explain that gap to potential employers. (Read More Here!)

Wielding the Double-Edged Sword of Social Media in Your Job Search

By Koh Wanzi

In the digital age, where everything is literally at your fingertips, we may merrily abandon paper trails in favour of digital ones when it comes to job-hunting. But though you would not leave personal information or pictures lying around for anyone to find, many people are in fact doing the digital equivalent of this online. (Read More Here!)

How to Ace Your Job Interview with the Right Body Language

By Jeremy Cheong

Job interviews are an inherently stressful affair. Some candidates tend to fidget during the job interview, which can range from touching one’s hair to slouching too much. The former reveals your nervousness while the latter implies a lack of confidence.

You might be surprised at how your body language is giving you away – in fact, experts have determined that 93 per cent of all daily communication between individuals is nonverbal. (Read More Here!)

Three in four Singapore hirers use online channels to snoop on candidates

By: Alythea Ho

Had a bad case of Monday blues? Hold back that angry tweet or Facebook rant about your boss first.

An employer survey by JobsCentral found that 75% of managers and hirers use online channels to snoop on job candidates. Of these, one in three say they prefer using social media sites like LinkedIn (38%) and Facebook (34%). Search engines ranked third at 28 per cent.

5 feng shui tips for job seekers

Let’s face it — job searching is stressful. So if anything can be done to help bring positive energy to the experience, it’s worth exploring. That’s why the practice of feng shui is so intriguing. While feng shui may seem like something you do when decorating your house, its applications can extend beyond the abode and into your job search.

Got a job? Don’t abandon your job search

Congratulations on your new job. You worked hard to get it — you added your résumé to online databases, you networked both online and off, and you got your portfolio in tip-top shape. Now that you’re working, you don’t have to think about anything job-search related until the next time you’re looking. Right? Wrong.

Ways to set up your own online portfolio

By Nur Shakylla Nadhra

In this digital age, more and more people are creating online personas and using the internet as a platform to showcase their work to attract potential clients or employers.
Normally, money and extensive knowledge in HTML and web design are essential tools needed to create a website or online portfolio from scratch. But with a plethora of online portfolio websites, and even popular social media platforms, doing up your own online portfolio has become fairly simple.

Polish That Resume

Isn’t it frustrating when you get little or no response from recruiters after spending so much time and effort applying for multiple jobs?

Your career experience and academic qualifications fit the bill. And you are sincerely interested in the open position. So why haven’t you received an interview invitation?

The problem could well be in your resume or cover letter.

Brand Yourself Better

With over 5 million people in our tiny red dot jostling for space, education and jobs, it can be quite difficult to stand out from the maddening sea of chaos.

I know I feel the same way. The endless waves of commuters while taking public transport and the constant queues for anything remotely popular sometimes leaves me wishing that I could move to a remote island somewhere far away, except that my island would come with an Internet connection and a supply of Magnum Gold ice cream.

The same frustrations set in when I apply for jobs, spamming resumes to as many organisations as possible with nary a response, except calls from financial planners purportedly offering me a career that will change my life.