Short Poll

What do you think of LTA’s decision to provide free MRT rides at certain stations before 7:45am from June this year?

Great! It’ll help me save money
11% (67 votes)
Great! I think it’ll help disperse the rush hour crowd
19% (124 votes)
Big deal - it won't affect my morning commute habits
16% (104 votes)
What's the use? This might start a new rush hour
22% (143 votes)
No point, unless employers follow suit
19% (122 votes)
Does not affect me - I don’t start work in the morning
12% (78 votes)
Total votes: 638

Which non-monetary factor is the greatest motivator for you to stay on at your workplace?

Close to home
12% (139 votes)
Good immediate superior
19% (217 votes)
Good working environment
26% (295 votes)
Interesting job scope
10% (110 votes)
Nice colleagues
31% (348 votes)
Career advancement opportunities
2% (28 votes)
Total votes: 1137

Which of these actions done by your employer infringes your privacy most?

Checking work email
14% (42 votes)
Checking instant messaging logs
22% (68 votes)
Tapping onto phonecalls made on the office phone
21% (63 votes)
Tracking your social media profile
43% (133 votes)
Total votes: 306

Poll Results: Would you welcome the idea of ‘Working from home’?

With technology and connectivity improvements, working from home is no longer just another Monday morning dream.

By providing their staff with the option of working from home, businesses may enjoy advantages such as reduced overhead costs and better morale.

Even so, some may argue that the lack of supervision may affect work quality and that the absence of interactions may erode team cohesiveness.

What is the overall perception of Singapore workers towards working from home? A short poll conducted by JobsCentral, from 26 September to 30 October 2012, showed that the idea of working from home is generally well-received by most Singapore workers.

When do you look out for new job opportunities?

Never, unless I'm unemployed
20% (91 votes)
During the probationary period
5% (23 votes)
20% (92 votes)
When I've outgrown my current job /want to find something new
55% (254 votes)
Total votes: 460

Would you welcome the idea of ‘Working from home’?

Yes, I’ll be more productive
31% (92 votes)
Yes, it’ll foster better work-life balance
48% (143 votes)
No, I’ll be more distracted at home
7% (20 votes)
No, there’ll be a lack of interaction with co-workers/superiors
14% (40 votes)
Total votes: 295

Poll results: Do you agree that female employees should be entitled to 6 months paid maternity leave?

In a bid to boost the nation’s birth rate, the Singapore National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) has proposed paid maternity leave of 6 months for all female employees. The proposal however, has received mixed sentiments amongst the general public.

From 30 August to 21 September, 2012, a short poll was conducted by JobsCentral to find out what most Singapore workers think of an extended maternity leave. The poll gathered a total of 288 responses.

Do you agree that female employees should be entitled to 6 months paid maternity leave?

Yes, in fact it should be longer
26% (87 votes)
Yes, 6 months is just right
44% (145 votes)
No, the current 4 months maternity leave is just right
20% (66 votes)
No, in fact the current 4 months maternity leave is too long
10% (34 votes)
Total votes: 332

Poll Results: What is your greatest motivation in pursuing an MBA?

A Masters in Business Administration (or MBA) is an accredited post-graduate degree programme which imparts students with the knowledge and skills of business operations.

Admissions into most MBA programmes are often based on academic credentials, work experiences and performance in an admittance test. On top of the arduous admittance process, going through the programme itself requires a good amount of commitment and conviction. Despite this, MBA programmes continue to observe a growing popularity in Singapore.

What are the motivations behind enrolling for an MBA programme? According to a new short poll by JobsCentral, conducted between 18th July and 28th August 2012, most Singapore workers are driven to pursue an MBA with the intention of getting a salary increment upon completion.

Poll Results: How often do you socialize with your colleagues out of work?

As with any relationships, frequent engagements and communication often strengthen the bonds between individuals. Regular bonding sessions out of work, are usually the most effective platforms for co-workers to nurture closer work relationships and teamwork.

Even so, some may argue that the notion of socializing with co-workers should be kept within the time spent at work and that post-office hours should be reserved for private social circles. Undeniably, you and your colleagues do in fact spend just about 8 hours of every work day in the company of one another already.

Do most workers hang out with their colleagues after work and how often do they do so? Based on a poll conducted by JobsCentral from 23rd May to 12th June, 2012, more than three in five workers (64%) would engage in recreational activities with their co-workers after work.