5 Dynamic Thoughts to Engage Your Audience

One of the challenges most speakers would face is to engage the audience or get them involved. To have a non responsive crowd would not be a good thing. The speaker with all his enthusiasm and excitement pounces into action to inspire the audience to speak and has a mental timer inbuilt waiting to be triggered off. One of the many outcomes the speaker could face is not knowing when would be the appropriate or right time.

It would be too late and awkward to realize from the time the presenter asks for the crowd's participation and coming to the rude awakening that he is not getting the desired outcome. That would crush him or cause him to make further mistakes, creating a not so promising atmosphere and an uneventful presentation.

We can avoid these situations. Let me spark off some ideas that could alter the course of your presentation and making it not only interactive but interesting as well.

Build bridges
Some preparation that you could do is to make as many friends with the audience as possible. You could do it before your speech or during the speech complimenting your audience, possibly gaining some favour or eventually some fans. Just by making friends ensure you are not talking to a cold audience.

Observe bodies that speak
Look out for possible gestures and movements of your audience and pay closer attention to those who nod or smile and build on them. They are your anchors that illuminate your environment. They can possibly assist you in the interactive portion of your presentation.

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News in Brief - Economic growth in Q2 and calls for changes to growth bonus and MVC

No time to read lengthy newspaper articles? Keep up with important news related to the economy and employment issues on JobsCentral Community!

Singapore's economy expanded by 18.8% on-year in Q2. This figure falls short of the growth estimate of 19.3%. Economists suggest that this moderation in the economy's growth signals a slower second half this year. The government has kept its forecast for the economy to grow between 13% and 15% cent in 2010.

Labour MP Halimah Yacob has called for the growth bonus to be restored in public sector paychecks. Introduced in 2007, the growth bonus is tied to Singapore's GDP performance and was initially given to top performers in the civil service. There was no such bonus in 2008 and 2009 due to the economy's poor performance. Madam Halimah stressed that the growth bonus is for all public sector employees, and should be restored this year due to the economic rebound.

Manpower Minister Gan Kim Yong urges companies to up the Monthly Variable Component (MVC). Under the current recommended wage structure, 70% of monthly basic wages is made up of basic wage, 10% MVC and 20% Annual Variable Component (AVC). Mr Gan says that increasing the MVC will give companies a stronger buffer against future economic shocks.

Results of the 2010 JobsFactory Employers of Choice Survey

Which are the most popular employers from the private and public sector this year? What do graduates look for in potential employers and how do they decide between multiple job offers? How many of them are willing to accept contract-based job offers?

Get the answers to these questions and more in the 2010 JobsFactory Employers of Choice Survey (University Edition) Report! With a record high of 4,597 respondents from NTU, NUS and SMU, this is the largest and most comprehensive university graduate-focused survey in Singapore.

To download a complimentary copy of the survey extract report: CLICK HERE!

The JobsCentral Career & Learning Fair is back this October!

The hottest career fair is back at Hall 403 and 404 of Suntec Singapore on 2nd and 3rd October! With 50% increase in hall space from 2009, the JobsCentral Career & Learning Fair 2010 brings you more job offerings and education courses from a wide range of exhibitors. It’s BIGGER & BETTER this year!

Whether you are looking for great career or education opportunities, the JobsCentral Career & Learning Fair 2010 is the place for you! Get a chance to interact with potential employers and gai...n invaluable career insights into various industries. Want to pursue higher education or acquire more life skills? Don’t miss the opportunity to speak to the education providers and training organizations at the fair.

Admission is FREE! We strongly encourage you to pre-register online to beat the queues at the on-site registration booth.

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JobsCentral-TSOPE workshops are a great success!

Here at JobsCentral, we constantly come up with new initiatives to help you make informed career choices. One of the initiatives we rolled out, in partnership with The School of Personal Excellence (TSOPE), is a series of career guidance workshops that is aimed at helping you gain an edge in today's competitive market.

The workshops cover a whole series of topics from writing winning resumes to answering interview questions and are conducted by career experts and consultants. You can check out our photos from previous workshops here!

The exciting conclusion to the JobsCentral Learning Challenge!

Thousands of brains endured sleepless nights in an attempt to solve the JobsCentral Learning Challenge to capture the coveted iPad but there can be only one. The lucky person to stride off into the sunset with Apple’s latest product is Alex Heng!

The conqueror of the 20 evil levels of puzzles was all smiles when he laid his hands on the box. Four other lucky contestants also had something to show for their efforts. Moses Goh received some extra pocket money to the tune of S$300 while Md Azharuddin and Pathma Priya got for themselves an exclusive JobsCentral gift pack.

We have more contests in the pipeline, so stay tuned for much more exciting events! You can keep yourself updated by checking out our Facebook or subscribing to our Twitter feed.

Let’s have a toast as we celebrate JobsCentral/JobsFactory’s 10th year anniversary!

JobsFactory, together with sister company JobsCentral, celebrate our 10th year anniversary this year. Let us look back in time together and reminisce on how we grew from a 2-people strong team into one of the largest online job portals in Singapore!

JobsCentral and JobsFactory together is a rare local success story in the Internet business. We are proud to be 100% owned and managed by Singaporeans.

Our mission is to help jobseekers and students make better career and education decisions during each stage of their life. We have been fortunate to have grown the company over the past 10 years and currently we have about 2 million career seekers and 15,000 employers using our various media channels each year. Our channels comprise of job portals, scholarship portals, career magazines and large scale career fairs. When it comes to student recruitment services, we are the largest player via our BrightSparks and BrightMinds brands. JobsCentral currently operates in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Ask any entrepreneur, and they will tell you that starting up a business is never easy. Let’s hear from our CEO, Lim Der Shing about his start-up story and plans for future growth.

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The Inaugural 2010 JobsCentral Learning Award

Have you always wanted to upgrade yourself but lacked the money? Looking for some help to finance your future studies? Ever wished you would be featured in the media?

Look no further, we have the answers you need. JobsCentral is proud to present the inaugural 2010 JobsCentral Learning Award.

Sign up for any course listed on our JobsCentral Learning portal and after your enrolment is confirmed, apply for the 2010 JobsCentral Learning Award. All nominees will go through an interview process with our selection panel and the award winner will receive $1000 in cash, an award certificate and an editorial feature on JobsCentral and other associated media.

The award is completely bond-free and only requires that you be either a Singaporean or PR and a registered JobsCentral user. You can click here to get a free account.

The application period is from 16 June 2010 to 11 October 2010, so if you have ever wanted to pursue further studies, now is the best time to do it! You might just be the inaugural winner of the 2010 JobsCentral Learning Award.

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The Overlooked Portfolio

Most students prefer to concentrate on the all-important academics, and tend to oversee the fact that the portfolio is becoming increasingly important. When adequately prepared, the portfolio can be the key to setting you apart from the other university or scholarship applicants.

By Janelle Lau

As the student population becomes more competitive, academic grades are no longer the only consideration for scholarship and university applications. In fact, local universities are setting aside 10% of their places for discretionary admissions, that is, admissions based on students’ achievements besides grades.

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Accountants need to be soft to be sharp

By Mark Billington, Regional Director, ICAEW South East Asia

Accountants might be focused on numbers but they should not neglect the importance of soft skills in today’s complex business environment. With Singapore embarking on a journey to develop the accountancy sector, the importance of non-hard skills have also recently been highlighted by Education Minister Ng Eng Hen.

Not only are soft skills increasingly sought after by employers and could help you climb the career ladder, it is also a requirement for efficient dealings with clients, customers, regulators, managers and other stakeholders.

Obviously, having a well-respected qualification, such as the ACA (Associate Chartered Accountant), is critical to build a successful career. However, that in itself might not be enough any more. If an employer has to decide between otherwise even candidates, demonstrating your softer skills might be the feather that tips the scales to your advantage.