Total employment increases by 36,500 in first quarter of 2010

More people are landing jobs due to the economic rebound.

According to final Ministry of Manpower (MOM) figures for the first three months of 2010, total employment grew by 36,500 in the first quarter, out of which 33,400 came from the service sector.

To put this in perspective, employment fell by 6,200 in the first quarter of 2009, when Singapore was not spared by the global economic downturn.

The unemployment rate for the resident labour force has also dropped slightly, from 3.3% in December 2009 to 3.2% (or 63,300 residents) in March 2010.

Notably, MOM figures also indicated that diploma holders have been more successful than degree holders when it comes to landing jobs.

The jobless rate for diploma holders halved from 4.1% in March last year to 2.1% this March, while the jobless rate for graduates only improved slightly from 3% to 2.8% in the same period.

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Poll Results: The weightage of the Mother Tongue Language (MTL) in PSLE exams will not be reduced. What are your views on this?

When the Minister of Education Ng Eng Hen hinted that the Singapore government might reduce the weighting of the Mother Tongue language in the PSLE, it prompted uproar from the general public. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong eventually clarified that they would only modify the teaching methods.

poll MTL weightage.

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The qualifying period for the JobsCentral Learning Challenge has finally come to an end!

We hope you had fun with the addictive puzzle game, because we certainly had fun designing it. If you missed out on the action, fret not, as the game is still available online for you to play at your own leisure!

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Poll Results: Mid year bonus is coming up! Do you intend to switch jobs after you get your bonus?

The challenge of employee retention is one that has plagued many a hiring manager. While monetary incentives may not necessarily be the intended methods of retaining employees, it is inevitable that some employees hang on to their jobs because of such incentives. One such example is the mid year bonus, which some companies hand out in recognition of the employees’ hard work.

mid year bonus poll.

JobsCentral recently conducted a poll to gauge employees’ intention to switch jobs upon receiving the mid year bonus. A total of 262 responded to the poll and of these, a good proportion (44%) intend to switch jobs after receiving their mid year bonus. Another 30% were still considering, with their final decision dependent on the amount of mid year bonus they receive.

Be Different, the American way

With a plethora of private institutions offering higher education in Singapore, selecting a suitable one in which to further your studies can be a daunting task. For Ismail Didih Ibrahim, however, the answer was simple.

By Tang Pin-Ji

Feeling that everyone else is getting “the same degrees”, the 25-year-old decided to break away from the mould and opt for the Center for American Education (CAE), where he is about to wrap up his two-year Associate of Arts degree programme with Broward College.

For the uninitiated, the Associate’s degree programme makes up the first two years of an American university education and comprises subjects from a diverse range of fields such as sciences, humanities and languages. With the Associate’s Degree, students can then spend their next two years on a Bachelor’s degree programme in a specialised field of their choice.

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NWC pushes for increase in pay and productivity

In its latest wage guidelines, the National Wages Council (NWC) recommends companies that are doing well to increase their employees' pay. Future pay increments should also be made according to the companies’ performance and prospects.

Productivity is one of the key themes in NWC’s recommendations this year. NWC encourages companies to give out productivity incentives and bonuses, as a way of including the employees in their productivity gains. On the other hand, management should work on adopting practices that promote productivity, so as to reduce dependence on low-skilled foreign workers.

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