Checklist for The Big Interview

The days of head-spinning application procedures, challenging written tests and endless fretting are over – Yes, you have finally received a call from your scholarship organisation. Take a breather and then it’s time to tackle the next challenge in line – the interview.

By Becky Lo

As most scholarship applications involve more than one interview and a sizeable amount of effort is required, it is best if you can start preparations earlier. On a positive note, you are one step closer to that coveted scholarship. Now, all you have do is to stand out from the rest and convince the company that you are worth every cent they are going to spend on your education.

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The Perfect Answer?

The bad news is, there is no ten-year-series to give you the perfect answers to memorise for the dreaded scholarship interview. But the good news is, here are some tips on six of the common questions asked and some of the best ways to handle them.

By Becky Lo

1. Tell me about yourself.
Interviewers often like to start off with this question, which may sound very simple but can be very tricky. Your answer to this question sets the tone for the rest of the interview and gives the interviewers the first peek into your personality.

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The JobsCentral app is now on Android!

Our popular JobsCentral app is now available on both the iPad and smartphones that run on Android 2.0 and above! We have taken all your feedback on board and come up with a new version of the app that will make your job search a much more immersive experience. The new JobsCentral app comes with a host of new features:
  • Browse jobs by categories – Managerial, Temporary, Marketing and many more
  • Search for jobs by keywords, job nature, qualification or position
  • Share job postings with your friends and family via email
  • My Account – Log in and view recommended jobs by your Job Agent
  • Sign up for a JobSeeker account
  • Apply for jobs with your JobSeeker account
  • Save your favourite jobs, courses, workshops and career articles
  • Fast location switching between Singapore and Malaysia to apply for jobs

Downloading the app just requires a few simple steps. Visit on your phone’s web browser and add it to your home screen after the app fully loads.

For iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch users:

1. Tap on the plus (+) icon at the bottom of the screen.
2. Tap on "Add to Home Screen."
3. Tap on "Add" at the top right corner.

Apple users can also download the app from the iTunes app store.

For Android users:

1. Add the page to your bookmarks.
2. When viewing all bookmarks, tap and hold "JobsCentral."
3. When a new dialog pops up, tap on "Add shortcut to Home."

We are always looking to continually enhance your job hunting experience. Do give us feedback on how we can improve our services for you. Feel free to visit the JobsCentral Forum and comment on the JobsCentral app here. Find out why the JobsCentral app is consistently among the top free business apps in the store today!

Finance professionals are taking home more pay but still feel unhappy

Professionals in the finance and accounting sector are enjoying a bigger pay package in 2010, in line with the economy’s recovery.

According to new survey results from Robert Half, 52% of finance professionals in Singapore received salary increments over the past year. This group was also rewarded with a bonus in the past year and are highly confident of receiving another bonus payout in 2010.

Despite the increase in wages, approximately 42% of Singaporean respondents were unhappy with their remuneration packages, claiming that it was neither fair nor in line with the rest of the market. An overwhelming number also felt that switching jobs was necessary in order to gain greater leverage over salary negotiations.

Total employment increases by 36,500 in first quarter of 2010

More people are landing jobs due to the economic rebound.

According to final Ministry of Manpower (MOM) figures for the first three months of 2010, total employment grew by 36,500 in the first quarter, out of which 33,400 came from the service sector.

To put this in perspective, employment fell by 6,200 in the first quarter of 2009, when Singapore was not spared by the global economic downturn.

The unemployment rate for the resident labour force has also dropped slightly, from 3.3% in December 2009 to 3.2% (or 63,300 residents) in March 2010.

Notably, MOM figures also indicated that diploma holders have been more successful than degree holders when it comes to landing jobs.

The jobless rate for diploma holders halved from 4.1% in March last year to 2.1% this March, while the jobless rate for graduates only improved slightly from 3% to 2.8% in the same period.

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FIFA World Cup party and official FIFA collectibles for the win!


The FIFA World Cup 2010 is finally here! Millions of people are coming together to watch this game, one of the biggest sports events in the world. And now, JobsCentral is giving you more reasons to cheer with them. Participate in these two exciting games and win yourself attractive prizes to celebrate this grand one month-long tournament!

Contest #1 - Win the JobsCentral FIFA World Cup Party Pack
Imagine watching the grand finals of the FIFA game with piping hot pizzas, chicken wings and ice cold drinks. Add the official 2010 FIFA World Cup collectibles and exclusive JobsCentral gift packs to the mix and you will have the best evening imaginable.

Here is how you can make this ideal scenerio come true!

Watch our JobsCentral World Cup 2010 video and listen carefully to the names of soccer players who are playing in the FIFA tournament this year. Look out for distracting red herrings and decoys!

Together with your contact details, submit the list of the players' names and the countries they play for to Submit your entries by 5 July and winners will be announced on 9 July 2010.

Contest #2 - Support your country team and win!
Are you a die-hard supporter of a particular country team in the World Cup? Now is the time to root for your favourite team! All you have to do is to take a photo of yourself with the flag or name of the country team you support.

You can wear your country team jersey/t-shirt, hold up a flag or even hand-draw the country flag/name on a piece of paper. As long as we can tell which country you are supporting, we'll accept it.

Visit the JobsCentral Facebook page and post your photo. Get all your friends to "LIKE" the photo you have posted.

The photo with the most number of "LIKE" will win the the Official FIFA World Cup 2010 towel. Other game collectibles will also be given out to five consolation prize winners. Join by 12 July and winners will be notified by 19th July 2010.

For more information, or to join our contests, visit our Facebook page HERE

Poll Results: The weightage of the Mother Tongue Language (MTL) in PSLE exams will not be reduced. What are your views on this?

When the Minister of Education Ng Eng Hen hinted that the Singapore government might reduce the weighting of the Mother Tongue language in the PSLE, it prompted uproar from the general public. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong eventually clarified that they would only modify the teaching methods.

poll MTL weightage.

JobsCentral Learning Challenge - Play for Fun!


The qualifying period for the JobsCentral Learning Challenge has finally come to an end!

We hope you had fun with the addictive puzzle game, because we certainly had fun designing it. If you missed out on the action, fret not, as the game is still available online for you to play at your own leisure!

Do you think you have what it takes to complete the game? Why not put your creativity and determination to the test then? Come JOIN in the fun!

If you have already participated in the Challenge, thank you for your support and keep your fingers crossed! Results of the winners will soon be announced. Are you going to be the one who walks away with $300 cash for completing the game first? Or are you the lucky one who is going to win the coveted iPad and exclusive JobsCentral gift pack?

For results of the winners in our JobsCentral Learning Challenge, watch this space!

Poll Results: Mid year bonus is coming up! Do you intend to switch jobs after you get your bonus?

The challenge of employee retention is one that has plagued many a hiring manager. While monetary incentives may not necessarily be the intended methods of retaining employees, it is inevitable that some employees hang on to their jobs because of such incentives. One such example is the mid year bonus, which some companies hand out in recognition of the employees’ hard work.

mid year bonus poll.

JobsCentral recently conducted a poll to gauge employees’ intention to switch jobs upon receiving the mid year bonus. A total of 262 responded to the poll and of these, a good proportion (44%) intend to switch jobs after receiving their mid year bonus. Another 30% were still considering, with their final decision dependent on the amount of mid year bonus they receive.

Be Different, the American way

With a plethora of private institutions offering higher education in Singapore, selecting a suitable one in which to further your studies can be a daunting task. For Ismail Didih Ibrahim, however, the answer was simple.

By Tang Pin-Ji

Feeling that everyone else is getting “the same degrees”, the 25-year-old decided to break away from the mould and opt for the Center for American Education (CAE), where he is about to wrap up his two-year Associate of Arts degree programme with Broward College.

For the uninitiated, the Associate’s degree programme makes up the first two years of an American university education and comprises subjects from a diverse range of fields such as sciences, humanities and languages. With the Associate’s Degree, students can then spend their next two years on a Bachelor’s degree programme in a specialised field of their choice.

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