NWC pushes for increase in pay and productivity

In its latest wage guidelines, the National Wages Council (NWC) recommends companies that are doing well to increase their employees' pay. Future pay increments should also be made according to the companies’ performance and prospects.

Productivity is one of the key themes in NWC’s recommendations this year. NWC encourages companies to give out productivity incentives and bonuses, as a way of including the employees in their productivity gains. On the other hand, management should work on adopting practices that promote productivity, so as to reduce dependence on low-skilled foreign workers.

JobsCentral Bus - SNAP to WIN!

Have you seen our JobsCentral Superheroes zipping around the island? Snap a photo of the buses with our JobsCentral Superheroes advertisements and stand a chance to WIN UP TO $150 CASH!!

Here is how you can participate in this latest JobsCentral contest:

1. Look out for the JobsCentral buses and take a photo of it. Take it from any side of the bus, as long as it clearly shows us that it's the JobsCentral buses!

2. Log on to Facebook and click LIKE to be a Fan of the JobsCentral Facebook Page.

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Q: Does the quality of the photos matter?
A: No, but the photo resolution should be clear enough for anyone to identify it as a JobsCentral Bus.

Q: Can I upload more than 1 photo?
A: By all means!

Q: Will a photo featuring the interior of the JobsCentral bus be accepted?
A: Yes! Photos capturing any part of the JobsCentral bus will do. However, we reserve the right to remove any photos which we can’t identify as our JobsCentral bus.

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A: Only fans of the JobsCentral Facebook Page will be entitled to vote. Gather your friends and click LIKE to be a fan of the JobsCentral Facebook group and they will be able to vote for your photo! You can vote for more than 1 photo.

Q: How would you determine the nicest photo?
A: The nicest photo would be picked by a panel of judges. You don't need to be a professional photographer to win this!

Q: When does this contest ends?
A: 30th July. We will take the count of votes as at 30th July 2010, 17:00.

We are Hiring!


Looking for a job? JobsCentral and JobsFactory are currently offering several openings for driven and enterprising individuals to join our growing team.

Some positions available include Assistant Editor (Intern), Account Management Executive (Event Sales) and PHP/Web Developer.

Our employees can look forward to a young, dynamic and efficient work environment, with an emphasis on work life balance and a performance-based rewarding system. If these are what you are looking for, APPLY NOW!

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Be JobsCentral's King or Queen for a Day


Feminist activist, Faye Wattleton once said, "The only safe ship in a storm is leadership." Here at JobsCentral, we know it's never easy to be a leader, the extra-superhero whom people rely on during difficult times.

So now we think it's time to reward these extra-superheroes amongst us - the managers and their team! If you are a manager, team lead or supervisor, you should get some appreciation for your leadership and hard work!

JobsCentral is proud to present to you our latest contest: Be JobsCentral's King and Queen for a Day!.

This contest is open to all managers, team leads and supervisors. Tell us why you and your team deserve the grand prize and get a chance to be our King or Queen for a Day! Winner of the contest can enjoy exclusive royal treatment, including a luxurious spa treatment and high-class lunch at the Forlino Italian restaurant!

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CMA: The Only MAD School in Asia!

If you need some help with chasing your dreams in the creative industry, CMA’s MAD formula – an integration of marketing, advertising and design concepts – may just be the perfect mix you are looking for!

By Becky Lo

The process of pursuing one’s ambition may not always be fast and straight-forward. Instead, it may be like what Gerry Seah has gone through – with several stops and detours, before you finally find the right direction to the desired destination.

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Success at JobsCentral-TSOPE career guidance workshops

If you are seeking ways to make better informed career choices, look no further. JobsCentral is now offering a wide range of career guidance workshops, in partnership with The School of Personal Excellence (TSOPE), to add that personal touch to our existing career tools and services.

This whole series of career guidance workshops covers a wide variety of useful topics that aim to expose you to useful tips and insightful advice from experts and experienced career consultants. Registration figures and feedback from participants have both been very encouraging. Here are what some of our participants have to say about the workshops conducted so far:

"This workshop has been very beneficial and I have learned a lot. I can now brush up on my resume and also now I know how to prepare myself better for my next interview. Key things I learned include how to enhance my resume, how to land that job and how to answer interview questions we all hate! Celes, I'll call you when I get my next job. I'll DEFINITELY recommend this workshop to others!"

- Nadine Ralph, 31, who has been to over 15 interviews

"This workshop is very engaging and has lots of interaction. It's not theoretical at all and relates very closely with real life experiences. I'll recommend this workshop to others."

- Calvin Huang, 25, Technical Executive, who has been to over 15 interviews

"Now I know how to answer difficult questions. Key things I have learned are 3 formats of resume and how to handle Q&As in interviews related to our individual situations. The instructor knows her stuff!"

- Li Choo, 43, Translator

Keen to pick up some tricks for yourself? Want to achieve more with your career? Sign up for our upcoming workshops then! Hurry now, early birds get to enjoy attractive discounts!

19 June 2010 - How To Write Winning Resumes and Achieve Employment Success

24 July 2010 - Emotional Intelligence at Work - Build Meaningful Relationships and Winning Connections

What's hot on the JobsCentral forum?

Thanks to your support and active participation, the JobsCentral Forum has been buzzing with exciting discussions and debates! Here is an interesting thread to look out for!

Ex-convict, WuMing shares his job-searching woes and receives much encouragement and solutions from fellow users of the forum. JJgal suggests freelance jobs or starting up of a business while Cisn proposes that he goes into counselling. Many others also share inspiring stories and experiences. Do you have any stories or suggestions to share? How do you think the Yellow Ribbon programme can improve to help ex-convicts better? Have your say on this thread here!

Other hot topics on the JobsCentral Forum currently include:

Which route to choose?
will i be employed in singapore?
Interviews from hell
Stay or Leave?

To register for a free account on the JobsCentral Forum, click here!

Employer Branding: How Do Singapore SMEs Become Talent Magnets

By Charissa Lim, Consultant, StrategiCom

Employer Branding - An Introduction
As Jim Collins wrote in his best-seller “Good to Great”, “Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” The attraction of talent can be done through employer branding, which refers to “the attraction and retention of skilled personnel". The concept of Employer Branding is a fairly new one in Asia.

An employer brand is therefore defined as the image of the organisation as a ‘great place to work’, in the minds of existing and potential employees. Employer branding can also be perceived to be a talent magnet for companies to attract and retain the highest-calibre of employees.

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CAE: Highway to the States

A broad-based education is always an important one. Let one CAE student tell you more about the fast-track to an American university education from the comforts of your home.

By Nabilah Husna A. Rahman

When most students in Singapore consider the option of studying overseas, fellow Commonwealth countries like the United Kingdom and Australia may first come to mind. But for Center for American Education (CAE) student Felix Yew, a US-based education attracted him immensely due to the creative freedom he would be allowed in coursework.

The students at CAE complete the two-year general education segment of an American degree in its Singapore-based centre, before they transfer to a US college or university of their choice to complete another two years of specialised studies. At the end of the four years, students will attain their respective bachelor’s degree.

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JobsCentral-TSOPE Career Guidance Workshops


At JobsCentral, we constantly think of new ways to help jobseekers make informed career choices. Be it providing career advice through JobsCentral Community, handy tools to discover what job suits your personality or how much you should be earning, we are here to offer the career guidance that you may require.

This time, we have partnered with The School of Personal Excellence (TSOPE) to come up with a whole series of career guidance workshops to help you make better decisions. Covering a wide variety of useful topics, these workshops will give an additional personal touch to our services!

Upcoming workshops include "How To Be The Corporate Superstar" in May and "Build Meaningful Relationships and Winning Connections" in June. If you bring a friend along, you can get two tickets for just $76!

To find out more about the workshops and registration details, CLICK HERE!