20 Craziest Interview Questions

We recently asked JobsCentral users to share the craziest or weirdest questions they have ever been asked in an interview. Here's our compilation of the top 10 crazy interview questions, we hope it helps you prepare for your interview in some way:

1. "I want a bowl of Laksa. Please run through how you would get me that perfect bowl of Laksa?"


2. "Make a choice, would you rather be the nut or the shell of a peanut?"


3. "At the supposed end of the interview at RP, one of the interviewers asked: " What do you think is missing from this room?"


4. "This is a Rubik's cube - Guide me on how to solve it without speaking."


5. "Do you have a boyfriend?"
My reply is No 
"Why no? You look so sweet"


6. "Describe an incident which touched you most & changed your life forever."


7. "Which CHIJ branch are you from because I love CHIJ students."


8. "Do you want this job and be next to me at all times?"


9. "If you were a fruit would you be an apple or orange?"


10. "Do you drink, do you gamble and do you smoke?"


11. "Are you married?"


12. "Why are you here for this job interview? You should stay at home & be a "Tai Tai". Or, do you have a boyfriend? Oh, I'm just joking. Hmm, can you tell me a joke instead?"


13. "There is a pen in front of you. Can you sell me this pen in any way you can?"


14. "Can you draw a horse?" (I specialize in building, not an artist.)


15. “If you were a piece of fruit, what would you be and why?”


16. "Do you eat to work or work to eat?"


17. "Do you have a boyfriend and are you planning to start a family soon?"

18. "When are you planning to get married? Any baby plans?"

19. "Are you pregnant?"

20. "Do you plan to get pregnant anytime soon, in coming days or months, if we shortlist you?"