2013: A new beginning for everyone

By Ethan Sia

As we welcome 2013, I can’t help but reflect on 2012 and recall some of the most memorable moments during the supposedly apocalyptic year (take that, Mayans). 2012 was a great year as I accomplished many goals and even reached a milestone in my life.

As an aspiring journalist, one of my resolutions in 2012 was to be able to write decent articles and see my name appear on magazines and online platforms. Lucky for me, I was able to do just that during my internship stint and to make the experience more meaningful, my work gained recognition amongst my family and friends.

After surviving “the end of the world” and fulfilling my 2012 resolutions, curiosity hit me once again as I wondered what resolutions my fellow colleagues have for 2013. Here's what they have to say:

Jonathan Tay (Research Analyst)
“In 2013, I resolve to manage my finances better and keep track of my expenses.” (Since Jon’s a dad now, I believe there’s a chart or graph hidden somewhere that tracks his child’s expenses.)

Julailah Wahid (Assistant Editor)
“In 2013, I wish to lead a healthier lifestyle, which means more fruits, veggies and cardio. To me, there is nothing more important than being in the pink of health and being both physically and mentally capable. I also want to participate in at least one marathon this year, be more patient with difficult people and reconnect with old pals!” (I usually don’t move without a valid reason, which pretty much explains my lovable shape and size…)

Alythea Ho (Content and Community Manager)
“Drink less beer. Hug someone important at least once a week. And write a book. That itself, is worth a beer.” (I wonder if the book is related to drinking...)

Shi Tian Yun (Editor)
“My new year resolution is to remember everyone's birthdays - for the past few years I've been the bad friend that forgets birthdays so I've resorted to Facebook birthday updates to keep track of them. If you don't receive a birthday wish from me in 2013, it means two things - either I don't like you or your birthday isn’t stated on your Facebook profile.

My next resolution is to not sweat the small stuff. I've driven myself sleepless worrying about deadlines and other matters. I want to master the art of meditation and learn how to relax.”

(Which reminds me, did I put my birthday on my Facebook profile? I better check before my birthday comes...)

As for myself, I hope to travel more this year and visit iconic landmarks such as Mount Rushmore and the Lincoln Memorial, especially since I’m such a History fanatic. Hopefully, the experience will inspire me and fuel my desire to be involved in politics.

From all of us at JobsCentral, we wish you a happy 2013 and best of luck ahead!

What are your resolutions this year? Share with us in the comment box below!

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