3 Things SCANDAL Can Teach You About the Workplace

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Perhaps one of the most popular politically-charged television drama series in the US, Scandal’s storyline focuses on the life of Public Relations (PR) extraordinaire, Olivia Pope and her team of associates. What do they do? Think of them as a team of highly trained professionals who help international bureaucrats and government officials in times of distress, or in simpler terms, a team of professional “fixers” for the elite.

Although Scandal is a fictional television drama series, there are a few lessons that we can learn from Olivia Pope and her associates. These lessons can be applied to our work environment to not only create a more cohesive one, but also to ensure that positive office relationships are fostered.  

Teamwork Matters

The associates who make up her team are specialists in their field and they work in close proximity with each other as a team to tackle every situation. By dissecting obstacles and assigning each part to an associate, they are solved more efficiently without rocking the boat. How? Each associate understands their individual responsibility, is willing to help each other, and recognises that a team effort is needed to achieve their goal.

In this day and age where many are expected to don double hats, no one individual can afford to be an island. Whether in a small office or a multi-national company, teamwork helps foster closer bonds between colleagues and is necessary to ensure efficient workflow.

Mutual Trust

Olivia Pope trusts each and every one of her associates to perform each task given to them to the best of their abilities. The same should be implied to the workplace – trust that each assigned task will be handled by fellow colleagues in a timely and efficient manner. No one likes to be told how to do their work, have people question their abilities or micromanage everything they do. Studies conducted have shown that mutual trust and respect in a workplace can significantly help boost morale and overall productivity. So trust in the wise words of Olivia Pope: “Its handled.”

Workplace Romance is … Tricky

Remember the time when Quinn Perkins (Jenny of all trades) and Huck (computer genius) had a brief relationship of sorts? When it ended, dynamics in the office changed drastically because things were awkward? While office romances are commonplace, it does not make it any less tricky to separate professional and personal issues as emotions are involved. You might want to consider and then reconsider it carefully before embarking on a relationship that may cloud your professional judgement or make office relations uncomfortable. Alternatively, keep things simple and objective by completely preventing any avenue for romantic relationships to begin with.

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