3 Tips To Improve Your Relationship With Your Boss

Managers come with all possible levels of skill and effectiveness. At some point in your career you will find yourself reporting to a manager you call your boss. Managing the relationship that you have with your immediate boss can be challenging but it is critical to your career success. Here are three tips you can use to improve your relationship with your boss.

Anticipate needs and go the extra mile

Be on top of your projects and be proactive – do not wait to be told what to do. Especially if you have done a particular task before and know the next step required, take action early. As your boss does not need to micro-manage you, his life will be a lot easier and less stressful. When for example, a report is needed and handed over to your boss without him even asking for it, it shows that you possess initiative and can pre-empt his needs.

Also, make it a habit to go above and beyond your duties. Your job description merely states tasks and duties required to stay employed and achieving this minimum will not impress your boss. You can start exceeding expectations by delivering a project ahead of schedule or volunteering to take on added responsibilities – this will serve as a pleasant surprise for your boss.

Be positive and provide solutions

A positive, optimistic person is like a ray of sunshine especially in high-pressure environments. Sometimes a simple smile or hello can ease the tension at work while other times a joke can lighten up the mood in the workplace. If you establish a reputation for yourself as someone who always manages to look on the bright side, workmates (your boss included) will associate your company with feeling good and they would be more inclined to be happier when working with you.

When faced with problems at work (which may be unavoidable), take ownership of the situation and attempt to figure out a solution before engaging your boss. If you require your boss’ input or advice, lighten your boss’ workload by outlining the options you have considered before providing the specifics of the assistance you need.

Understand your boss

To ensure that things run more smoothly at work, understand your boss’ working style. Find out what he values in an employee – you may wish to note whether he needs frequent communication or if he prefers autonomous employees for example.

Also, learn to read his moods and reactions – it might not be an opportune time to introduce a new idea while he is busy with budgeting and feeling stressed, for instance. A right amount of appropriate personal interaction reminds us that we have a life outside of work as well. Get to know your boss and remember to commit to memory important information like the name of his spouse and kids. Just be mindful in keeping the conversation light and steer clear of topics related to politics, religion and sex.

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