4 Reasons to Attend a Career Fair

By Chanel Song

Career fairs are beneficial to both employers and jobseekers – employers get to scout for promising candidates while jobseekers can boost their employment prospects. Here’s how a career fair can help in your job search:

Networking Opportunities

Career fairs provide you with a good platform to network and build rapport with prospective employers. Networking enables you to establish important contacts, and opens doors to many opportunities for the future. And while your primary goal is to network with employers, you should also get to know fellow jobseekers. The best opportunities – like joint ventures, partnerships and client leads – can often come from your contacts. Who knows, you might be able to help one another in the job search!

Interview Practice

Interacting with potential employers at a career fair can build your confidence – consider this your training ground for job interviews. With that said, professional attire and etiquette still apply. To make a good impression on the employers, opt for semi-professional attire, and be friendly, polite and attentive.

Gain Industry Insights

An advantage of meeting employers face-to-face is that you get to ask questions on the spot. You can gain insight on different career paths, and the skills and qualifications needed for certain positions. For instance, you might want to find out if employers prefer candidates with more experience to those who only have paper qualifications. You can then craft your resume according to the expectations of different employers and industries.

Plus, some positions might not be advertised online, so take this opportunity to make enquiries. You can also obtain career advice and industry insights from the range of workshops and seminars held at a career fair. Learn from experienced professionals and experts, who may impart knowledge on their industries and provide you with job hunting tips.

Boost your Chances of a Callback

The disadvantage of relying solely on online job applications is that employers could easily ignore or miss your resume. You are likely to leave a more lasting and memorable impression on potential employers when you speak to them in person. It can really put an identity to your application later on, making you stand out from numerous other applicants.

The JobsCentral Career and Education Fair 2016 will be held on March 26 and 27 at the Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre. Pre-register now!

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