4 Ways To Handle Mental Blocks

We’ve all been there; a huge mental block that just would not go away no matter how many times you try at the problem. So if you are like us, where time is of the essence and productivity is key, here are a few ways (trialed and tested) to overcome this usual suspect.   

Do Something Totally Irrelevant

Our brain is a funny thing. The moment you stop trying to fix a problem, the solution will magically present itself. During a mental block, your brain cannot “see” any other option because it is fixated on one thought. Take a walk, do some chores or even surf social media. By doing something totally irrelevant and then tackling the problem later on, you are allowing your brain to “see” what else is around it, thereby gaining clarity and perspective which will in turn lead you to a solution. 

Get On “Peak”

Adding on to the previous point, this ingenious invention helps develop cognitive-thinking skills and fine-tuning your focus - a handy way to prevent mental blocks. Peak is a free downloadable game for both iPhone and Android phones that coaches your brain to reach its peak performance through gamification! Expect to be consumed by daily mini-games that work on your focus, comprehension, memory and analytical skills - all-in-one mobile application. Play, unwind and get your creative juices flowing!

Complete Simple Tasks First

When receiving a huge task or facing a mental block, it is normal for your brain to go into hyper drive because all that it registers is “this task is impossible”. Break it down into smaller pieces and attempt to complete the smaller ones first. The progress you have made solving the smaller tasks will help you build understanding and confidence in solving main the problem.

Change Your Environment

The brain associates environments with different emotions and activities. Studies have shown that your brain is most inefficient at performing tasks when you are in your bedroom, because the brain registers that as a place for relaxation. So if you suspect that mental blocks happen to you more often than not at a particular place, change your environment - head over to the library or cafe where there are no distractions or associations with snoozing. 


However, If everything else on this list has failed you, read an article. This is the one trick that we personally believe in to help overcome our mental blocks or when words just do not seem to flow. Any type of article works - it could be news, a self-help article like this​ or a product review. Words have seem to flow better because the brain resets itself when reading someone else’s words. 

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