5 Major Attributes of Engineers

By Deanna Bonaparte

Engineers are some of the most note-worthy professionals in the world. They build upon their ingenuity to create solutions that are beneficial to society. For instance, civil engineers design, construct and maintain the built environment in which we carry out our daily activities.

On the other hand, biomedical engineers help to design medical equipment such as cardiac care and dialysis machines, and electrical engineers take effort to create mind-boggling products such as computers, vacuum cleaners and electrical cars!

Regardless of the field they belong to, there are some common attributes of all engineers. If you are an aspiring engineer, work towards possessing the following things under your belt. Or if you already are a hardy engineer, read on to see if you agree with us!

1. STEM Knowledge

Engineers of all fields are equipped with profound knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. One will be hard-pressed to find a successful engineer who does not possess a love for these subjects, for they need this ‘love’ to sustain them as they resolve mathematical and logistical problems at every engineering project.

2. Proficiency in Software Programs

In the course of their careers, engineers would need to utilise software programs such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Visio and AutoCAD to support their project planning and implementation. The use of these programmes across the engineering field is widespread and paramount. If you are a fresh graduate or an engineer looking to advance your proficiency in these areas, you can round out your skills through short courses, a list of which can be found here.

3. Problem-Solving Skills

Sure, this may not be an attribute limited to engineers, but engineers really need to have a knack for identifying problems and fixing them. They need to possess an awareness of the root issue, be able to break down big problems into smaller ones, and eventually determine the best way to fix a problem effectively.

4. Attention to Detail

Engineering projects can be extremely complex, and missing out on important project aspects can derail an entire enterprise. This is why it is necessary for engineers to have an acute attention to detail, the possession of which will help one to establish judicious timelines as well.

5. Patience

This is another attribute not limited to the engineering profession, but think about how engineers have to see projects through from planning to construction committedly. A single project can take many years! Furthermore, their work oftentimes involve experimentation and testing before real project work begins, in order to ensure that their project budget does not whittle away on failed attempts. In any case, the best engineering projects around the world were not built overnight!

If you are a jobseeker hoping to enter the engineering field, you can take the first step by exploring engineering job opportunities here, and look forward to designing solutions that will make a good and lasting impact.

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