5 Tips for the Digital Nomad

Gone are the days where going to work means to be shackled to the office desk. The convenience of mobile technology and Cloud applications have given rise to the digital nomad – a breed of mobile workers who have untethered themselves from their desks.

Digital nomads are often designers, writers, developers or content producers – anyone able manage working off digital platforms. On one hand, this affords them freedom of time and choice, but on the other, it also comes with the immense challenge of staying productive and maintaining a constant stream of work.

For both the existing and aspiring digital nomads, here are five tips to stay on the ball help you along your journey.


Work During Your Most Productive Hours

With great freedom, comes the need for greater discipline. However, discipline does not mean you need to bind yourself to working from 9am to 5pm each day. Instead, try committing to work during the hours you know you are most productive.

If you are the most focused in the evenings, keep your social appointments to lunchtime or after dinner, and if you are most productive in the early hours of the morning, make effort to wake up for that – with the comforting thought that you can go back to sleep, after.


Sacrifice to be Reliable

It is also understandable that clients can be uncomfortable with the idea of you working remotely form across the globe. To develop their trust, make the effort to be reliable and responsive, no matter where you are and what time zone you are in.

Be clear about the times you are absolutely unavailable, and make effort to accommodate your clients’ time zones. This means that if you need to interrupt your basking in the Maldivian sun to take a conference call – you just have to do it. Also, if is most convenient to do call at 3am your time, make the effort to be awake and lucid to handle it. In the long run, these efforts will pay off!


Maximise Usage of Technology

Whether it is for conference calls, creating to-do-lists or managing multiple schedules, there are an abundance of applications to help you. If you are working with multiple people in a team, these will be lifesavers in helping you manage them remotely while you gallivant across the world.

In the same vein, if you are just starting out, digital nomad support groups online are a good place for support and tips. Freelancer websites are also a good way to generate income. Whatever it is, technology is around and at your disposal, so make the effort to research the apps and sites that can serve you the best!


Cost-Benefit Analysis

You might think you are saving $10 on coffee if you work from home instead of from a cafe. However, this is not necessarily the case. Let us say you are the type to procrastinate when at home, so a job that is worth $300 takes you five hours to complete. This makes your hourly rate, $60.

If you had gone to the cafe, however, the work could have been done in two hours – without procrastination – your hourly rate would go up to $150, minus the cost of your coffee and travelling. Figure out the types of places that enable you to become most productive and work from there, even if it means that you need to pay a small fee.


Be Willing to Network and Help a Nomad in Need!

Whether you are running your own business, or a freelance digital nomad, you need connections. You can meet plenty of people at the cafe, at the co-work space you choose to base in, or at public events pertaining to your industry. Actively get to know these people, and be polite, if not also kind and helpful. This is in part because you do onto others what you want them to do onto you, but also because you never know when one of these people is going to turn into a contact that you want to tap on in the future.


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