8 Bizarre Real-Life Interview Encounters

By: Alythea Ho

Ever heard about the guy who burst into song halfway through his interview, or the stalker who wouldn’t leave his interviewer alone?

Sounds like something straight out from Cracked.com, but believe it or not, these job-seekers are real.

In a JobsCentral survey held from August to September last year, we sought 396 hiring managers and HR personnel in Singapore and asked them to share their strangest interview experiences.

The Patriot: Sang the national anthem during the interview. Loudly.

Maybe the candidate got his dream HDB unit on his first try. Or maybe he just loved the sound of his own voice.

Whatever his reasons were, the interviewer thought otherwise and asked him to stop.

Amazingly, the candidate refused.

The Egoist: Stalked his interviewer at the staff area entrance

According to one interviewer, this candidate made sure he spoke loud enough so everyone outside the interviewing room could hear him.

But it didn’t end there. After the interview, he began stalking the poor interviewer outside the staff area entrance, and wouldn’t leave her alone. Creepy!

The Hippie: Turned up for interview in a Hawaiian shirt and hat

Unless you’re a Silicon Valley billionaire genius, we don’t recommend turning up for an interview dressed like you’re off to the beach. A safe bet would be to turn up dressed one level above the hiring company’s dress-code culture.

Of course, if your name ends with Zuckerberg you can wear anything you want. Even a Hawaiian shirt.

The Ah Seng: Constantly played with 3-cm-long pinkie fingernails

Here’s one candidate with pinkie nails that could potentially be used as a weapon.

While 40% of Singapore hirers list ‘playing with hair or touching one’s face’ as a peeve, any behaviour that distracts a hirer during an interview is a big no-no.

We can only imagine what runs through the interviewer’s mind when he asked this candidate to talk about ‘past achievements’.

The Weirdo: Left after using the toilet, skipping the interview altogether

We can’t figure this jobseeker out. Was the company’s toilet that bad?

The Mama’s Boy: Kept sucking his thumb before speaking

Remember how, as a kid, your mama would always say ‘Stop that bad habit, or you’ll end up doing the same thing in public’? Exactly.

The Wannabe Chef: Stopped interview to teach her mother how to cook a dish over the phone

Interview Etiquette 101: Turn off your mobile phone. Or at least, put it on silent mode. It’s rude to answer your phone during an interview.

The only exception is if you know a life-and-death situation is taking place at home. And cooking a dish certainly doesn’t count… unless you’re the fish, that is.

The Show-off: Brought all the trophies he won since his school days to the interview

No hirer needs to know you came in first place for a Primary 3 spelling competition. Ever.

Hirers want to know what value you can add to their company. So list your skills, say how it applies to the job, and back your claims with achievements from your previous jobs.

How would you react to candidates like these? Share with us in the comment box below!

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