About Us

JobsCentral Community belongs to a network of portals owned by JobsCentral. Targeted at jobseekers and working professionals, JobsCentral Community is a one-stop portal providing the latest news, information and advice on career-related issues. Current sections include: Community Home, Editor’s Blog, JobsCentral Community Forum, Articles, Research and Jobs.

Community Home
The home page of the portal offers a summary of the portal’s content to visitors. Latest blog entries will be displayed prominently, while recent comments by users and hot forum topics will be highlighted in sidebars. Visitors will also be able to participate in ongoing polls and click on article categories for more information.

Editor’s Blog
Updated daily, this blog will be written by the Editor of JobsCentral Community. Entries will consist of commentary on career-related current affairs, random musings and updates on noteworthy content within the portal. Expect alternative viewpoints and casual language, while users will be encouraged to interact directly with the Editor by posting comments of their own.

JobsCentral Forum
A platform to exchange information, advice, experiences and ideas, this forum allows users to contribute and view comments about jobs, further education, internships, gossip and more. Differentiating itself from other online forums by focusing on career concerns, the JobsCentral Community Forum offers much insight into a wide range of user-generated topics that will be helpful to jobseekers and working professionals.

An extensive archive of articles providing information about the latest career trends, hottest jobs in town, market and industry analyses, and advice on work-life management. Other than enlightening company and personality profiles, the articles will also offer tips from experts and peers on how to survive and thrive in the workplace.

Leveraging on extensive databases, this section will unveil comprehensive data about the latest career and education trends. Information will be presented in the form of diagrams and reports, while new polls and surveys will also be conducted to gather feedback from users, making this a valuable resource for those who seek to understand the labour market.

Users will be redirected to JobsCentral, Singapore’s fastest growing job portal network. Providing employers and jobseekers with an easy-to-use and effective online platform for recruitment and job search, JobsCentral allows registered jobseekers to search for jobs, find out more about employers, learn about job opportunities and build their resumes online.