Achieving like a Victorian

Aneirin Flynn

Brenda Ting

By: Edmund Wang

It was a sunny afternoon at Victoria Junior College (VJC) on 1 March as the cohort of 2012 returned to familiar turf to receive their GCE ‘A’ Level Examination results. Upon entering the school grounds, we were greeted by the hustle and bustle that typifies many a school on this momentous occasion. Amidst the crowd and excitement, we noticed an enormous banner with the word “VJCTORY” emblazoned across. Now that’s school pride, we thought.

As the clock ticked closer to 2pm, we see more excited faces streaming into the school. There was hardly a sliver of anxiousness and the atmosphere was somewhat relaxed as students caught up with both their teachers and schoolmates.

We managed to sit down with two of these students, Brenda Ting and Aneirin Flynn, who were more than happy to share about their VJC experience. When asked about how VJC had helped them to cope with their studies and CCAs, the pair expressed pensive looks, as if recalling fond memories.

“One thing I really appreciate about VJC is that the teachers here are practical in their lessons and treat you like adults. This hones our independence as we’re allowed to explore our interests and go beyond our comfort zone. It’s a wonderful environment to study in,” said Brenda.

Aneirin on the other hand, felt that the company he had in school, more than anything else, had helped him to overcome hurdles. He added, “My schoolmates are very encouraging and supportive, which definitely makes school a lot less stressful, and not to mention more fun!”

Having spent a good two years of their teenage lives in VJC, the duo affirmed that they had witnessed immense personal growth.

Having battled Ball’s Palsy among other illnesses during the ‘A’ Level examination period, Brenda displayed nothing but gratitude towards her supportive classmates and teachers. “I learnt that you have to choose your battles. In life, you can be thrown into a variety of situations but ultimately, it is how you choose to react to and handle them. Nobody has control over your life, except you,” imparted the prudent youth.

Aneirin, having come from a culturally diverse family, appreciates and finds comfort in the culture and people at VJC. Aneirin concluded, “I get to interact with peers from all over the world and learn about different cultures and working styles. The friendships you forge here can last a lifetime, so it’s definitely a life-changing experience being in VJC.”

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