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vincentangVincent Ang: 34, Assistant Manager
Being one of the most relevantly experienced figures in Ascentia, Vincent truly has the attributes of a sales veteran. With ample experience in banking sales for Citibank and HSBC, he has led various telemarketing teams. However Vincent realized his personal and skill development had hit a plateau as mentorship and guidance weren’t consistent. Since Vincent has joined the organization 13 months ago, he has never looked back. In fact, his excellent work ethics and performance has propelled him to senior management within such a short span of time. To Vincent, the true sense of satisfaction comes from watching his people grow and improve. “ Nothing beats witnessing how your team manages to outshine you by applying what you’ve taught them.”

hidirHidir: 24, Assistant Manager
Aged 24, Hidir very much started his career in the Arts & Entertainment industry before deciding to cross over to Sales & Marketing. Having acquired some experience in retail sales and customer service, Hidir combines his previous expertise with the new knowledge and soon proved himself to be one of the company’s most dedicated benchmarks. “I have always enjoyed talking to people. It makes me happy and my life more colourful. I really learnt a lot being in the company from people management to understanding the way people behave. Most importantly, I learnt how to really listen.”

adwongAdrian Wong: 28, Assistant Manager
At the age of 28 with retail sales background, Adrian Wong being an aspiring entrepreneur, he had even managed his own trading business previously. Having dabbled in various fields, Adrian has picked up valuable lessons about running businesses and work, and was all set to embark on a brand new career in sales when he first joined the organization. His dedication to the team as well as commitment to the company are the reasons why his team synergy is second to none in the group. “In here, it’s not just about sales. My greatest lesson lies in picking up the most important life-skill – learning to view things from different perspectives and angles. Everyone is truly different and that’s the beauty of working in a team. I learn how to embrace the differences.”

tianTian: 25, Branch Owner
Having graduated from NUS with an Honors Degree in Chemical Engineering at the age of 23, Tian was a typical fresh graduate-to-be, aspiring to one of the young and successful . However, brief experiences in engineering made her realize that she was indeed more suited for people-oriented industries. With no sales experience at all, Tian left her previous job as a coordinator for entry level sales executive position with the organization. 2 years later, Tian has attained partnership with her sister company and has since set up Ascentia Group Marketing collaborating with several major bank campaigns. “The greatest thing about here is I am in fact encouraged to make mistakes while learning! The continuous training and support is probably why we all improve consistently as an individual and organization.”

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