Book Review - Everything You Wish to Ask A Headhunter

Title: Everything You Wish to Ask a Headhunter

Authors: Steven Pang & Adrian Tan

Context: Everything You Wish to Ask a Headhunter addresses topics every jobseeker has pondered over as well as those hardly ever thought about. You will gain tips on how to brand yourself, prepare a professional resume, stand out in a job interview and negotiate a salary tactfully. An insightful read for anyone preparing for a new job or hoping to climb the corporate ladder.

Writing Style: Light-hearted and engaging, this book weaves everyday topics such as food, cars and football into the authors’ nuggets of advice. There’s a good chance you’d catch yourself chuckling every now and then at their candidness. Pointers are also encapsulated succinctly in a readable Q&A format, allowing you to zoom in on the questions that matter most. As a handy resource, you’d be able to finish this in about two to three lunch reading sessions.

My thoughts: The authors have combined personal job-hunting experiences and professional headhunter perspectives to relay sincere and practical advice. They have also debunked several misconceptions. For instance, many would never have considered the importance of a corporate photo in their CV. I quote the book, “In the age of infographics, any visual presentation that is not deemed appealing falls short. Do not be misled by supposed experts who claim that the inclusion of a photo encourages unfair employment. That may be the practice in the west, but we Asians are still a superficial bunch.” Incredibly real, straightforward and eye-opening!

Price: $15 per copy

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