Boost Your Productivity with These Apps

By Julailah Wahid

Start the new year with more time on your hands! These six apps can help you stay organised anywhere, anytime.


Asana enables teams to keep track of tasks, projects and conversations. This is especially useful for leaders, who can get updates on their team’s work. Team members can not only communicate through the app, but they can also strike off completed tasks and view a project’s progress. There are several integration options available, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Sprintboard and Hubstaff.

Free for groups of up to 15 people


From connecting with people to writing, compiling and presenting information, the Evernote app can be your virtual workspace. Evernote allows you to write short lists and lengthy pieces; as well as clip web articles and capture handwritten notes. You can communicate, collaborate, and share your documents in real-time, with anyone in the world. The app also has a function that transforms your notes into a stylish screen-friendly layout, which removes the hassle of creating slides.

Free (Paid options available)

Inkflow Visual Notebook

Particularly handy for designers, Inkflow allows users to sketch ideas with or without a stylus pen. You can also scale or move your drawings around the page, and export creations to PDF and JPEG formats. As Inkflow’s ink stays sharp even when zoomed in, users can fine-tune their work at 100 per cent quality. Inkflow is perfect for brainstorming, planning, scheduling, graphic layouts, mindmaps, and anything else you would do with a pen and paper.

Free (Paid options available)


Studies have shown that your cognitive abilities can influence productivity. Lumosity is designed to train and challenge your brain with cognitive games. The app starts off by asking which cognitive areas you’d like to strengthen. It then assembles a customised training program that aims to exercise your memory and attention, among other things.

Free (Paid options available)


Procrastination is a very real problem in our everyday lives. Aptly named ‘Procraster’, this time-management app enables users to manage their tasks and projects. With timers and statistic reports, it helps keep track of your time and progress throughout the day. The app also dispenses helpful advice for when you’re overwhelmed by big tasks or uncertainty.

$1.99 (iOS only)


It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re glued to your computer screen, making phone calls or attending meetings. With RescueTime, you can track your daily habits and manage your time better. The app runs in the background on your computer or smartphone, to track time spent on applications and websites. Rescuetime then gives you detailed reports and data based on your activity. This is a good way to track how you spend your day, so you can alter your routines accordingly.

Free (Paid options available, Android only)

Now that you’re striving to be more productive, make sure you aren’t sabotaging your efforts by constantly working overtime.

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