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“Living life to the fullest” is one of the many adages over-churned enough to lose its true definitive value to most people. But at only 25, Celestine Chua, founder and principle coach of The School of Personal Excellence (TSOPE), aims to bring back purposeful living and help extricate others from the common rat-race towards secular goals.

“Many people have goals and dreams which they are not pursuing. One of the most common examples is people working in jobs they are not fully passionate about,” observes Celestine, who has been coaching since the beginning of the year. “They may have big goals and dreams before, but they choose to settle for lesser instead, opting for what’s already before them. Some refuse to dream as they think there is no place for dreams in the real world.”

Launched just this month to encourage personal excellence amongst its individual clients, TSOPE is a business that, in fact, settles for nothing less than the best quality of life development. Each programme is designed by Celestine’s own coaching philosophy, frameworks and tools, all unique to her own personal experiences.

The various coaching sessions are also tailored to suit the client’s profile, and have been known to create a shrine of impressive results: an assortment of clients claim that Celeste’s teaching methods are unparalleled to other coaching workshops.

Celestine credits this success to her conscious decision of not merely aiming for personal wealth and success, but to find a meaningful objective to work towards, one that is not impermanent and worldly.

Through TSOPE, Celestine also has a chance to help others achieve their own objectives, despite societal pressures or stigmas against them.

“My philosophy is simple – ‘What the mind can conceive, it can achieve’. I want to let these people know if you set your heart and mind to it, anything is possible,” says the entrepreneur.

TSOPE is a business built upon the foundations of her vast pool of knowledge and experiences gained. “Life coaching is about self-discovery,” she adds. “The coach’s job is to enable the coachee to self-discover solutions and unleash hidden potential.”

Celestine also aims to expand TSOPE into an international brand, through international seminars, and plans to start her own talk show that encourages everyone to "live their best life".

Visit Celestine's and TSOPE's official websites: | The School of Personal Excellence

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