Career Tips for the Monkey Year

By Julailah Wahid

Movies like Planet of the Apes and Mighty Joe Young have taught us one thing about monkeys – they are sharp, intelligent and often playful. With the year of the Fire Monkey swinging in this February, you might be faced with challenges that test your knowledge and adeptness.

While fire typically symbolises energy, passion and creativity, it can also signify rage and danger ahead. There could also be disharmony and heated conflict, seeing that the monkey – represented by Metal in the Chinese zodiac – is destructively intertwined with the year’s fire element. But don’t go bananas just yet! We’ve got some pointers you can adopt to ensure a smooth-sailing year for your career.


Be More Assertive

The monkey can be perceived as a go-getter. Hence, this is a good year to assert your influence at work. Don’t be afraid to express your ideas, opinions or concerns. The monkey also embodies strong leadership, so don’t shy away from managing projects or implementing change in the workplace.

Declutter your Life

Just like the belief that a neat and clean house invites prosperity, a clear state of mind can enable us to produce impactful work. Whether it is your workspace, daily routines or diet, eliminating unhealthy habits and clutter can help you stay more focussed. And don’t just stop there – consider limiting contact with toxic colleagues who dampen the working environment.

Be Flexible

Monkeys are versatile creatures that can adapt well to their surroundings. With many new challenges predicted to strike, you need to be adaptable and flexible in the workplace. Accept change as it comes, and don’t panic when problems arise. Bosses generally appreciate employees who are open to new plans and are able to cope confidently when things don't go as planned.

Keep a Cool Head

Fire is often linked to anger, volatility and impulsiveness, so we can expect sudden and open conflicts this year. It will not help that the monkey’s irritable nature might rub off on the people around you. To prevent further discord, it is important that you stay calm, positive and mature when faced with difficult people or situations.

One wrong move might hurt your chances of a promotion or put you on your boss’s bad side. Avoid harping on mistakes or problems, no matter who caused them. Instead, offer solutions that can improve the situation, learn from these experiences, and move on.

Take on New Endeavours

The monkey’s ambitious, adventurous and enthusiastic nature means that this is a good time to create change in your life. You could take up a new hobby or sport with your colleagues, acquire new skills, or make a career switch.

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