Cube life!

A peek at how people personalize their work space

By Michelle Lim

More often than not, the typical office decor consists of some token plant life (usually in the form of the “money” plant, the skinny palm-like plant or the broadleaf varieties), framed photos touting inspirational verses and accompanied by equally inspiring photography of soaring eagles or imposing mountain peaks, and mutedcolored astro-turf masquerading as carpet.

Then, of course, we have the cubes.

Unless your dad owns the company, you are likely to have, in some point in your working life, experienced life inside The Cube. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, upholstery and arrangement. But whatever your cube looks like, you can be guaranteed it offers you zero privacy. No matter how you tweak the angle of your monitor, everyone knows when you are sharing the latest gossips with friends or checking out the latest clothes at your favorite website or frantically engaged in a bidding war for that to-die-for handbag on Ebay.

Most of us spend at least 8 hours a day at our office. Some spend even more time there than they would in their own home. So it’s no surprise that some people really made themselves comfortable in their little space in the office. From simple touches like putting up a family photo to a full-blown renovation project, we have transformed the utilitarian cube into a statement of self and what we represent. Career Central went on a photo assignment to see how people decorate their cubes. And guess what we saw? Check it out!

Clan of the bears
There is Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Little Baby Bear and their entire clan perched on this strip of cube estate.

Astro boy
Can you tell that i love astro boy?

Stand up for Singapore
National day and beyond!

El paso
Does this cube say that you love nature or does it scream “don’t touch me!!” Add some sand, couple of tumbling dustbunnies and a heat lamp and you have a desert right in the middle of the office!

Where's my desk?
No surface is left uncovered. Perhaps it’s organised mess or ordered chaos. We will never know. But on the bright side, you can look so busy with a cube like that, that people will leave you alone. :)

This is one of the most “gu-niang” cube I have seen. And oh-so-plush! Furry friends all around. Check out the Hello Kitty tissue box and piglet keyboard support pad!

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