Employers of Choice Survey 2016 - What Makes An Employer of Choice?

A recent results released from an Employer of Choice Survey 2016 by CareerBuilder Singapore conducted among 1,837 Singaporeans and Permanent Residents shows that, when considering a preferred employer, everyone has different priorities. Some priorities are more paramount than others, and these are keys that were cited.

Job stability and security

Given the current economic slowdown, it does not come as a surprise that employees value job stability. According to the survey, job security was ranked as the no. 1 trait of an employer of choice with an average rating of 4.28 out of 5, while attractive pay had an average rating of 4.23. This reinforces that job security is now more important than pay for Singaporeans.

In-conjunction, with  the rise of Singapore's tourism industry and governmental support in the form of a recent S$700 million boost to the Tourism Development Fund, the fundamentals for tourism remain strong in the long-term. As such, employees or jobseekers may consider companies like Singapore Tourism Board and Changi Airport Group, both in the top 3 of the survey for the last consecutive 2 years, as stable organisations to join.

A dynamic environment that offers growth and opportunities

Another key attribute cited in the survey was good career growth and opportunities. A non-mover at no. 2, SIA offers world-class training and career development paths including international career opportunities with job content that is usually dynamic, multi-dimensional and challenging. From the survey, a comfortable work environment was also seen to be important with a ranking of 4.16 out of 5. An example of this would be chart-topper Google’s Singapore office that houses a cafeteria called Goopitiam, dedicated spaces like hammocks where employees can have a quiet spot to work, tuk tuk meeting rooms and even a game room for staff to unwind.

Supporting the above observations, the survey indicates that start-ups are becoming more appealing to Singaporeans (close to 60% of respondents indicated that they were interested in working for a start-up). They perceived that start-ups like Carousell, Redmart and MoneySmart offer greater learning opportunities and the more exposure to a wide spectrum of job roles.

While a one size fits all approach does not apply when it comes to an employer of choice, depending on their priorities, Singaporeans will favour some companies more than others.

For more information on the Employers of Choice Survey 2016, download report.

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