End of the World: What if the doomsday is real?

by: Ethan Sia

Recently, the news about doomsday kept flooding on my social media news feed. However, I’m quite sure that all the talk about the world coming to an end and theories of how meteors would fall from the sky are hyped up fluff to create suspense for the public.

In short, I don’t believe the world will come to an end on 21 December. But being a “what if” person, I couldn’t resist and asked myself, “What if doomsday is real?” Suddenly, a depressing thought hit me. I realised IF it is real, I would be spending the last day of my life in the office! And on a Friday too...

Fortunately, I have my fellow colleagues in the Content team who share the same miserable fate as I do. I popped the question to them to find out what would they do in their final moments if they are stuck in the office before doomsday strikes.

These were their replies:

Jonathan Tay (Research Analyst)
“I’ll be in a frenzy rage and flip all the tables in the office. Seriously, why am I in the office at a time like that!?” (I always thought that Jonathan is a dangerous man... I was right indeed.)

Julailah Wahid (Assistant Editor)
“Since I can’t go home, I’ll watch a zombie apocalypse movie in the meeting room and trash the office to replicate the scenes from the film. While I’m at it, I’ll be having a cheese and fruit juice party with my colleagues. Finally, I’ll suggest a game of catching with my colleagues!” (No idea who would be in the mood to run but hey, who would say ‘No’ to cheese?)

Alythea Ho (Content Manager)
“I'd call my family and friends to say goodbye. Then I'll take out my secret-just-for-emergencies-booze, sit quietly in a corner, and watch what others do. I mean, there's nowhere to run, so might as well enjoy the last moments.” (Interesting... I must find out where the secret location of the booze is!)

Shi Tian Yun (Editor)
“If I had to be in the office when the world ends, I will tell my co-workers what I really think of them (kidding!). I will probably huddle with those colleagues I’m closest to and tell them how happy that I am to have known them and hope the impact of the end of the world doesn’t hurt too much. And polish out the office pantry.” (I wonder what my chances of beating her to the pantry are…)

As for myself, I’ll sing songs like Ain’t No Grave by Johnny Cash or Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance to give myself a dramatic departure. I think that’s a pretty cool way to die considering that in most movies, actors would sing out loud before meeting their demise.

Now if you'd excuse me, time to search for the lyrics of those songs.

What would you do if you’re stuck in office before doomsday strikes? Share with us in the comment box below!

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