Fengshui in the Office

By Koh Wanzi

As the Chinese New Year rolls around, it’s time to bust out the firecrackers and crimson-coloured trappings in the name of auspiciousness again. And as we celebrate and usher in a new year of prosperity, it’s a good time to re-examine some of the cultural practices that are thought to facilitate the accumulation of both luck and wealth.

The Chinese practice of feng shui is based on the belief that the arrangement of your environment can influence the flow of “chi” and affect things ranging from your health and relationships to your finances. Here’s a look at how you can pay homage to the “chi” gods in your office cubicle, and hopefully, create good energy flows and vibes all around.

Can You See the Entrance?

If you don’t have the entrance of your cubicle within your line of sight, you’re probably familiar with paranoid feelings of people peering over your shoulder at your screen. Many of us in similar situations use the reflection in our computer monitor to gain a view of the entrance, but that’s often inadequate and unreliable. If you can’t reposition yourself at your desk such that you can see the entrance, you can place a small mirror on your desk to reflect the entrance and show you if anyone is approaching.

Allowing Living Energy In

The introduction of an odd number of healthy plants to your workspace can help stimulate more vibrant and positive energy flows. This is important to help counter the limited space at your cubicle and the constant flow of human traffic. And in order to give your mood a boost and mitigate any negative flows of “chi” in the vicinity, you can consider placing a fountain near the entrance of your cubicle. And if you’re in luck with the cosmos, you may even see more salary coming your way. However, if you can’t realistically accommodate a fountain or don’t want to come across as overly superstitious, a picture of flowing water will make for a reasonable substitute.

Keep Your Desk Tidy

Not only does a clutter-free desk help you feel more organised, you’ll avoid the build-up of bad energy. Don’t let the detritus of your personal and work life accumulate on your desk, and make an effort to conceal any cables or electrical wiring. Clutter impedes the flow of energy, and a tidy workstation can enhance your efficiency and productivity, in addition to providing the metaphorical space needed for new projects and creative endeavours to grow. The open space will also serve to attract greater abundance. If your workspace is inherently cramped, mirrors can be used to open it up and create the impression of a more spacious area.

Let the Light In

Light is the strongest manifestation of energy. And when you’re looking to harness the invisible swirls and eddies of good energy around you, you’ll want to have the lighting on your side. If you find yourself laboring in a darkened corner of the office floor, do invest in a table or floor lamp to brighten things up. Good lighting offers clarity, creates a better ambience and will draw positive energy into your workspace. The addition of your own lighting set-up will also help make your desk feel more inviting and personal.

Given the amount of time you spend at your desk, you’ll want it be a positive reflection of yourself. A well-lighted, tidy and tastefully adorned workstation will help you feel better about your work. And if these tips enable your workspace to be a positive way station for the mysterious currents of “chi” that permeate the universe, then that’s just an added bonus.

How else can you arrange your work desk to usher in good fortune? Share with us in the comment box below!

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