A Fulfilling Career

Left: Carey Ang | Right: Gavin See

Prudential Singapore is one of the top life insurance companies in Singapore. With a rich history of 80 years, Prudential Singapore is still committed to serving the needs of its policyholders.

By Winifred Tan

Carey Ang
I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Management degree from SMU. In 2006, I started working as a Financial Consultant and became the top Associate Manager soon after. In 2010, I was also the winner of Rookie Agency of the Year and runner-up for Financial Services Manager. All these would not have been possible without hard work and a supportive and nurturing management at Prudential.

Gavin See
After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, I deliberated carefully on what I was looking for in a career. Practical considerations such as remuneration, career prospects and company stature formed part of my check list. I was also looking for a meaningful and fulfilling career that would enable me to chart my career path and make a difference to society.

I am heartened that since joining Prudential, I have not only made a difference to my clients and friends by providing them with financial advisory services, I have also progressed to become a Senior Financial Services Manager. My main source of motivation comes from continually striving to make a positive contribution to the lives of people around me.


Since its inception in 1931, Prudential Singapore has continually provided excellent service to its customers and clients as part of its commitment to reach unparalleled standards of service. And as a testament to her longstanding spirit, Prudential Singapore will be celebrating its eightieth anniversary this year.

Besides its continual emphasis on strong marketing campaigns, Prudential Singapore also invests heavily in training its dedicated team of over 3,300 Financial Consultants (FCs) to be “Always Listening, Always Understanding”.

Two such products of its Academy of Competence & Excellence (ACE) training programme are 26-year-old Carey Ang and 33-year-old Gavin See.

Both of you studied business-related subjects in school.

Gavin See: I studied Economics. After graduation, I chanced upon the insurance industry while looking for a financial sector job. It seemed congruent to my interests, so I decided to join Prudential. I’ve been here ever since.

Carey Ang: I did a Diploma in Entrepreneurship before enrolling in Singapore Management University (SMU) to do Business Management. My entrepreneurship background gives me the motivation to work hard in this industry because I’m like a self-employed entrepreneur; while my training in SMU gives me deeper insight into people management, team-building and overcoming industry challenges, all of which are relevant to what I’m currently doing.

Tell us what you do.

Carey: I started out as a Prudential Financial Consultant in 2006 and did well enough to move into a managerial role. Now, I mostly manage a team of FCs while still servicing my own clients. It can get quite tiring but I really enjoy what I’m doing.

Gavin: Management is a very different challenge from financial consulting because an excellent FC may not necessarily be able to transfer his skills to others. As a Senior Financial Services Manager, I groom a team of FCs so that they can continually provide the same level of service to their clients as I have given over the years.

We manage our FCs’ careers by coaching them, sitting in their client meetings, and joining them during Prudential road shows. Seeing my team of FCs grow and accomplish success is really fulfilling for me.

On top of that, we also spend time interviewing and recruiting potential new FCs, typically fresh graduates from university, and servicing our own clients to ensure our client’s financial needs are attended to.

How does Prudential groom its new FCs to grow personally and professionally?

Carey: Prudential takes pride in nurturing our FCs both personally and professionally. All new FCs undergo mandatory licensing training as well as products and sales training before they are contracted. Advance sales training and courses leading to professional qualifications like ChFC are readily available to the more experienced. Those aspiring for agency management can look forward to management and leadership training. Regular workshops are conducted by external subject experts to help further enhance the developmental needs of the FCs.

Gavin: Another aspect of training comes in terms of ‘soft’ skills, such as motivation and team work. The culture in Prudential is truly supportive. As long as you perform well, you have the freedom to choose your own career path, be it in terms of specialising as an FC in a particular sector of financial planning or moving into a managerial role. I can safely say that the ACE training programme in Prudential is one of the best in Singapore!

What should potential candidates be prepared for if they join this industry?

Gavin: Apart from the generic qualities of hard work, perseverance, self-discipline and commitment, a highly-positive mindset is definitely needed.

Carey: It’s not easy because you have to constantly deal with client rejection and industry changes. At Prudential, we appreciate the strong marketing platform provided. It allows us the opportunity to grow and develop as well-rounded individuals.

In a nutshell, a career with Prudential is …

Gavin: ...a rewarding long-term career with financial rewards. The true satisfaction comes from the strong relationships you build and the loyalty you gain from not only your clients but also your fellow colleagues.

Carey: ...a fulfilling career.