Great Eastern - What Do You Want in a Career?

Are you are looking for a career with excellent Career Advancement prospects, a host of Learning and Development Opportunities and a Remuneration Package that is well above the market average?

If you want a career that allows your passion, dynamism and leadership qualities to shine, a career with Great Eastern will allow you to grow and develop that potential.

With an illustrious history that spans over 100 years, Great Eastern is the largest insurance group and the market leader in Singapore and Malaysia with $45 billion in assets and 3 million policyholders. We are a subsidiary of OCBC Bank, Singapore’s longest established local bank.

We are in the business of providing financial security and protection for our customers. For our Life Planners, we place great emphasis on building a strong "Life is great!" culture that is translated into a commitment to help our customers live a great life, and deliver value for our shareholders, business partners and the community in which we operate.

Real-life success stories are all around in Great Eastern. Cerlyn Lau for example, is a former engineer-turned-Life Planner who is thoroughly enjoying herself with Great Eastern, having found the perfect balance of personal and work life here, as well as having the added bonus of bringing home a paycheque that’s the envy of her ex-colleagues. When asked about what advice she would give to others looking for a career switch, she said, “What do you really want in a career? If it’s excellent remuneration, a well-structured, fast-tracked career progression path, or self and professional development, it’s more fulfilling to be a Life Planner than any other profession I can think of.”

NK Saravanan, another successful Life Planner, joined Great Eastern in July 2007 and has been flying high ever since. When asked what particular motivations have propelled him to success, he relates candidly, “When you enjoy ‘what you do for a living, the results take care of themselves. I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and by using my training and expertise to help them with various aspects of their lives and finances, I know I’m helping them in a way no other professional can. That always gives my morale and motivation to strive harder a boost.”

We would like to help you build a rewarding career as a Life Planner too. In fact, all our Life Planners are given the opportunity to enjoy the following:

Excellent Career Advancement Opportunities
- Our Life Planners have a well-structured career progression map, with promotion criteria clearly listed, giving them realistic, fixed and achievable goals to strive toward.

World-Class Learning and Development Prospects
- Extensive training is provided at our renowned training centre, focusing on both soft and hard skills, all of which are transferable and highly useful in future career paths, even those outside of the industry. Life Planners also get to broaden their horizons by participating in foreign conventions.

Outstanding Remuneration
- Our Life Planners are paid as high as their performance decrees. With no glass ceilings to limit their progress and salaries, Life Planners are among the highest paid professionals in our organisation.

Exceptional Organisational Branding
- With a solid financial standing and over a strong heritage which dates back over 100 years, Great Eastern is one of the most well recognised and trusted brand among Singaporeans.

Are you ready to take up this opportunity to fulfill your personal and career aspirations? If you believe you can be our next success story, join us at our monthly career seminars to discover the career of a lifetime. For more enquiries, speak to your Great Eastern Life Planner or email us at

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