A Guide to the Healthcare Industry

By Chai Fook Tien

Healthcare is an essential human right. Because modern society cannot function without health services, healthcare professionals are always in demand.

Additionally, rising consumer healthcare awareness is expected to fuel demand for non-essential and therapeutic treatments. If you’re considering a career in healthcare, then read on to find out more about the industry’s landscape in Singapore.

Global Recognition

Singapore has the reputation of being Asia’s leading medical hub, making the Healthcare sector is one of the more successful sectors in the country. Our country is ranked sixth on the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) list of 191 countries with the best healthcare system.

Our healthcare system is recognised as one of the most efficient and affordable systems in the world, and our healthcare providers continually improve the standard of service by refining their expertise and developing cutting-edge equipment. With that in mind, we can safely say that Singapore is a top destination for medical tourism in the region.

Opportunities Abound

Think of healthcare and you immediately associate the term with images of doctors and nurses. These are the faces of healthcare, but we will be doing the industry an injustice if we believe that they are the only professions that exist in healthcare. Below is a (non-exhaustive) list of professions available in the industry:





• Surgeons

• Midwives (Obstetrics)




Social worker

Occupational therapist


• Emergency medical technicians (EMTs)

• Paramedics

Medical laboratory scientists

As you can see, you aren’t just restricted to being a doctor or a nurse should you choose to pursue a career in healthcare. Career opportunities of all sorts await you in the sector. You can work on the frontlines giving emergency treatments as an EMT, or you can assist the other medical professionals behind the scenes as a laboratory scientist. As long as you are remotely interested in health care, there will be a place for you.

Ups and Downs of a Career in Healthcare

A career in healthcare might be rewarding, and even lucrative, but it is not for everyone. Keep the following factors in mind if you’re considering healthcare as a potential path for your future. Job security is strong in the healthcare sector. After all, people are bound to get injured or contract diseases. Furthermore, more healthcare professionals will be needed to deal with Singapore’s ageing population. So unemployment will be a distant concern for you in this sector. In the healthcare industry, you'll have many opportunities to work closely with people every day.

As you assist people in recovering and healing from injury or disease, you will be making a huge difference for patients and their loved ones. Your work will mean something, and people will appreciate you for what you’re doing for them. However, occupational stress and occupational burnout are highly prevalent among health professionals. Long working hours are almost a given, and depending on your job function, you may be exposed to infectious diseases and hazardous substances. So working in the field requires a great deal of commitment, endurance, and hard work.

Healthcare is by far one of the most rewarding career fields to work in. So if you wish to truly make a difference, don’t hesitate and join the healthcare sector!

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