Harness colour psychology at work situations

By Juliet Soh

There is a reason why there are so many idioms that describe moods with colours: having the blues, seeing red, tickled pink and green with envy. That’s because colours indeed have powerful effects on our psychology. In fact, the Egyptians and Chinese have been practising “chromotherapy”, an alternative treatment using colours to heal, for thousands of years. Now, tap on the knowledge of colour psychology and find out how you too can harness this understanding to help you at work.

Blue: The calming colour

The colour of the ocean and sky, blue is synonymous with peace and composure. This colour has a relaxing and calming effect on people.

Wear it when: You are meeting a disgruntled customer or an angered boss to do some damage control. Seeing shades of blue on you can make him/her feel less stressed and lower inclination to aggression. This should make appeasing him/her much easier.

Black: The shade of authority

Black is a somber colour that oozes responsibility, power and authority. That’s probably the differentiating factor that makes Batman’s getup look less hilarious than Superman’s.

Wear it when: You are chairing an important meeting. To ensure that every attendee – even those more senior than you are – take you seriously, wearing black can make them feel that you mean business. You could also include black in your work getup if you want your boss to start noticing you as a potential candidate to promote to a managerial position.

Orange: The energetic hue

Just like red, orange is an attention-grabbing colour, but is more soothing on the eyes. Orange helps channel energy and can put people instantly in a chirpy and positive mood.

Wear it when: You need to encourage your team mates. During a particularly demoralising period when everyone in the office is feeling moody from setbacks or crazy deadlines, include orange in your outfit when you address them so the optimistic spirit can rub off on them too.

Purple: The tint of intuition

Purple is often associated with luxury and sophistication. At the same time, this colour is a stimulating shade that’s said to get you in tune with your spiritual and intuitive side.

Wear it when: You need to make a tough decision and are going nowhere. Standing at a career crossroad? Or need to make a difficult judgment? Put on your thinking cap – preferably in purple – to help you reach a conclusion you’d be at peace with.

Do the colours that your colleagues are donning have an impact on your mood? Share with us in the comment box!

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