Help! My colleague has an annoying mobile phone ringtone!


My colleague is the funniest, sweetest lady but there’s just one thing I can’t stand about her – her mobile phone ringtone. She’s the biggest Justin Bieber’s fan and I swear I’ll rip her head off the next time I hear her phone go “Baby, baby, baby”. Please help!


First things first, we feel you. As if it’s not enough to have the radio dominated by Bieber songs, it must be painful also to hear a snippet of it each time your colleague’s phone rings. Well, if you have a reputation to be the direct sort, bank on it – very sweetly but firmly request for her to change her ringtone because it’s distracting and help her along by suggesting an alternative and less annoying ringtone.

But if you are worried that the direct approach may turn on her waterworks, make a tiny sacrifice by changing your ringtone to the same one as hers. Hopefully she will feel that her ringtone is no longer unique and finally change it.

Well, if she remains oblivious, play on the sympathy card. Pull her aside and “confess” to her that your ex and you loved this song when you were dating and hearing it again just brings you to tears. A sweet Bieber-loving fan like her should feel sorry for you and change it.

Plus, if you are a superior, this is one instance to make use of your authority for the greater good of everyone - suggest that everyone switch their phones to the silent mode whenever they are in office. Silence, in this case, is golden.

How do your colleagues drive you up the wall? Share with us in the comment box!

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