How to Ace Your Job Interview with the Right Body Language

By Jeremy Cheong

Job interviews are an inherently stressful affair. Some candidates tend to fidget during the job interview, which can range from touching one’s hair to slouching too much. The former reveals your nervousness while the latter implies a lack of confidence.

You might be surprised at how your body language is giving you away – in fact, experts have determined that 93 per cent of all daily communication between individuals is nonverbal.

When looking back on your past job interviews, think: were you aware of the nonverbal cues you conveyed to your interviewer? Did you ensure that the 93 per cent of nonverbal communication was well received by the interviewer? Here are 3 ways to improve your body language for your next job interview.

Fight the Bad Habits
Fidgeting is a very common way for interviewees to relieve the stress of being grilled about their academic and working credentials. But excessive fidgeting while sitting in front of an interviewer is actually counterproductive as it will probably cause the interviewer to form a bad judgment of you as someone who does not respond well to stress and pressure at work.

Instead, you should resist the urge to fidget and consciously choose to focus and learn to stay calm. Learning to control your breathing while keeping negative thoughts at bay will do much to help you appear as cool as a cucumber.

Straighten Up!
Some office chairs are so comfortable that it is virtually impossible not to not slouch in them, but your interviewer may misinterpret that as a sign that you are far too relaxed and not taking the job interview seriously. What’s more, the job interviewer may also not be impressed at your level of professionalism, especially if the role you’re applying for requires considerable poise and etiquette.

To avoid this, make slow corrections to your slouching (straightening up at once is a dead giveaway) – imagine your spine as a vertical line – and by doing so, you will come across as a confident communicator. You will be surprised at how this can increase your assertiveness at work and even in your personal life!

Why So Serious?
Ever wondered why telemarketers place a mirror at their desk while talking on the phone? Surely they are not all vain types who need to look at the mirror to check how good looking they are.

The reason for the mirror’s existence is to ensure that they are maintaining a smile during their conversation with potential clients over the phone. This simple fact can be applicable to you too! You may be sitting opposite your interviewer, deep in thought on how to answer a challenging question, only to suddenly realise that your eyebrows are deeply furrowed and your jaws are tightly clenched.

Naturally your interviewer can’t objectively fault your angsty facial expression, but such visual cues can turn him or her off. When you’re mindful of the responses your face makes (consciously or otherwise), you can help by taking a deep breath, relaxing and adopting an open expression – and give your interview a sterling impression!

Do you think good body language is important for job interviews? Share with us in the comment box below!

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